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Painkiller Overdose

Painkiller Overdose



* Stat counting fixed
* Rebalanced idle comments

Tarot Cards
* Assault functionality fixed
* Ascendance functionality for Animal Farm and Ragnarok fixed
* Ascendance color fixed
* Hellish armor color fixed

Demon mode
* Fixed bug allowing the use of demon gun after demon mode

* Fixed bug causing counting some destroyed projectiles as destroyable items


* Update of final battle (it’s longer and harder)
* Fixed position of spawn points of Demon hands
* Fixed monster count

* New holy item
* New secret
* Update of final battle (it’s longer and harder)
* Item positioning fix
* Fixed spawn points under crashed plane
* New effects on crashed plane
* Changed the path of the plane meant to fly over.

* Fixed position of health
* New secret
* Proper monster count (you can get Star for killing all monsters now)

* Small fixes in item placement
* Lights in fifth arena fixed

* Object number fix
* Missing collision fix
* Fixed monster count

* Hammers fixed
* Ammo moved to reachable area
* Cerberus slightly tweaked
* Spawn point of Snow giant lowered
* Fixed monster count
* Fixed possible lockup in arena before Cerberus

* Fixed spawn in the air
* Balanced level difficulty
* Fixed some missing collisions
* Textures on gravestones fixed

* Total number of monsters corrected
* Fixed flying crates in storeroom
* Some items moved to areas where can be destroyed
* Health added

* Wrong monster number opening slab too early fixed
* Fixed position of fire particles on train
* Fixed size and position of hurt zone on train
* Fixed monster count

* Fixed position of Pirate boss in last arena
* Fixed monster count
* Destroyable items fixed
* Zones fix

* Added a danger zone in the fire in the collapsed room
* Stone shader on monsters is now correct after load

* Difficulty tweaked for Nightmare and Trauma
* Total number of monsters fixed
* Items moved for better destroying
* Health and ammo added

* Added missing texture on grate
* Fixed monster count

* Fixed monster count
* Fixed potential blocker in arena

* Blood decals fixed
* Fixed monster count
* Health added

Added missing sounds for:
* gong in Japanese massacre
* Rain in Field Ambulance
* Exploding barrel
* Crypt in Haunted Valley


* Fixed view distance on primary fire from the cannon gun
* Fixed Razor Cubeýs appearance in opponent’s hand
* You can now only place 8 Egg Bombs at a time.
* Gorgon shoots more pellets (18 to 23)
* Egg Bombs have larger damage range, but deal less damage
* The Ectoplasmer deals more damage (80 to100)


* Fixed sticky corners


* Extracting packs in the editor now works
* Fixed localization of some hardcoded network error messages.
* Fixed sound in story video for Italian language
* Fixed many text bugs in localizations

Download: PK Overdose Patch
(PK Overdose Patch, 135.8 MiB, 2,032 hits)

  • Steve

    Download cancels at 50 MB. Tried with IE and Firefox.

    • Painkiller-Mania

      Works fine with IDM 🙂

  • Stivi

    I have take the game on Steam, work in the steam version?

  • Painkiller

    I’m own this game on steam and it’s saying that it couldn’t find Painkiller Overdose in my hard drive? any solutions to this? thanks in advance

  • Bob

    The patch doesn’t recognize that Overdose has been installed and quits.

    • Shadow Reborn

      This generally happens when you try to patch a previously cracked copy of the game. The Steam version for example auto-updates and there is no need to patch anything.

      • Nightmarekiller

        That’s not true at all, I have Painkiller Overdose Retail(no steam) And I have the same problem

        • Shadow Reborn

          That’s because you already have the game patched.

  • Nightmarekiller

    I forgot to mention but my current version is 84.4. Do I even need this file ?

    • Shadow Reborn

      No, your copy is already patched to the max.

      • Nightmarekiller

        Thanks 4 the info. Ironically when I try to play it I have graphic issues

        • Shadow Reborn

          What sort of issues? Out of curiosity.

        • Nightmarekiller

          Well no matter how I set the graphics, low quality or full, the stage itself (expect the character) is not visually correct. I mean the walls are not normal, the sky, everything.. Something like a beta version tester…..I could show you a pic but I uninstall it.

        • Shadow Reborn

          Hm…very weird. Only thing that I can think of is that maybe your vid card does not support the game properly.

        • Guest

          Well in Nvidia GTX 9800.

          The biggest irony is the painkiller black edition is older and no problems and with this …..

        • Nightmarekiller

          Is Nvidia GTX 980

        • Nightmarekiller

          How weird for painkiller black edition to work fine and for the newer one Overdose don’t

        • Shadow Reborn

          Yes, it is weird. You have an NVidia and a damned good one. Painkiller favors NVidia. Well, Overdose always was a lot more buggy than Black Edition and not as compatible with different hardware as the original game was.

  • Patatu Bogdan

    how i can change the language of the game? my versión has a strange language and i want english


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.