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I certainly hope that at least a few people do remember Ordeal Mod, published more than a year and a half before. If not, then here’s your chance to catch up and even leap one step forward with Ordeal Mod Version 2.

A lot of bugs (I mean A LOT) still plague the original game fully patched even with the Ordeal Mod Version 1 installed. This version of the Mod fixes 99% of them with only a few exceptions (un-fixables or map bugs). This version also fixes bugs present in Ordeal Version 1.

The Mod also introduces all new features like controllable Demon Morphs, new lights and dynamic lights for Souls and CheckPoints, a lot of new original secrets, a multitude of new and balanced card unlocking conditions (usually two per level), new levels (based on MP architecture) with very good Painkiller gameplay, new HUDs to choose from and a generally improved level atmosphere. A new money system has been introduced. It is more unforgiving but also fair and players will no longer be able to cheat the money system by changing the screen as it counts the money.

The “Ordeal” difficulty is finally finished since the “Ordeal” difficulty in Version 1 of the Mod was merely a blueprint. The difficulty has been improved in every possible way and will bring new enemies, altered level parts and limited quicksaves (in levels that actually have those ) plus all the other changes that the “Ordeal” difficulty had already made in Version 1 of the Mod (improved and fully customized monsters, reduced Demon Morph time, no controllable Demon Morphs, Golden Cards last less, monsters are smarter, tougher, stronger and faster and only a few levels have quicksaves). This difficulty is dedicated to all faithful and hardcore Painkiller players.

Ordeal Mod Version 2 will suit players of any skill from beginner to hardcore. Just choose the right difficulty and go up when you feel ready either importing your scores and money across difficulties or not. You’ll have to prove your worth to get to the “Ordeal” difficulty but the effort is well worth it. You’ll be ready for it when you do!

The changes above are only a small (very small) part and those of you who are curious will check the Short Changelog and those who are really into seeing behind the scenes and details for every single change and fix, are probably interested in the Detailed Changelog.

The Mod fully supports Painkiller: Black Edition and the original Painkiller release with the addon Battle out of Hell patched to version 1.64 and is available in English, Romanian, German, Polish, Spanish and Russian.

Ordeal Mod Version 2 requires that the Painkiller 1.64 copy you own be patched with Powermad 3.62 beforehand. The Mod archive comes with Powermad as well. DO NOT have any other Mods installed.

Check out the trailer below for some action and get a taste of some of the features that may or may not bring Painkiller BooH or Black Edition close to perfection.

I discovered other copies of this Mod on several foreign trackers and sites.  They generally come with the whole game and some CHANGED FILES AND IT ALSO LACKS THE IMPORTANT POWERMAD, THUS, CREATING BUGS.  PLEASE DO NOT TRUST ANY OTHER DOWNLOAD SOURCE THAN THIS ONE. This is the official version.

Download: Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2
(Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2, 1.5 GiB, 2,623 hits)



8. July 2013 16:33



8. July 2013 17:38

Excuse me, if my words hurt you. I do not like this mod,because it does not include anything that would surprise me. There are no original ideas, no innovations in gameplay and levels. Secrets can not surprise, because the original Painkiller was passed a lot of time. New levels are not new at all, and the gameplay on them is horrible. Once again, I’m sorry, I do not want to offend you in any way. I think that you didn’t have enough time and I hope,that your next mods would be better.

    Shadow ReBorn

    8. July 2013 18:02

    Lol man, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I had spent way too much time with the Mod (like 4 years in total). There are tons of new ideas (no complete innovations since those are bad in this case, too few people comprehend this), secrets are (according to a lot of people) great and original and ultimately I never said that the new levels are completely new (with new architecture). It’s simply obvious you merely read the description and didn’t play the Mod at all…or didn’t really get into it. The Mod is for true Painkiller players who seek a better Painkiller experience, not an HD remake. PK: HD is that very thing and no Mod can beat that, ever.


      9. July 2013 12:46

      Shadow ReBorn, You really created a mod 4 years? Can be know your age?

        Shadow ReBorn

        9. July 2013 16:15

        My age is of no concern, dear sir. If you must know, for three years I worked from time to time on the Mod and during the last year, I worked a lot and almost continuously. Tell your pals who encounter crashes to learn to follow my installation instructions. Thank you, have a nice day!


        9. July 2013 16:30

        Still, I’m interested to know your age. Do not be so shy. Mod works quite stable for me, so no problem with that. Yet it is not worth asking to remove a theme on pkrus, since there is nothing wrong with nobody wrote, but google translate is not always to be trusted in terms of translation.

        Shadow ReBorn

        9. July 2013 16:57

        It’s not about shyness, it’s just irrelevant. I will share my age if you share it too. I asked for the post to be deleted because the info was incomplete and I could not understand anything because of the bad translators. So let’s move the conversation here, if any, where I can help. Not much to say though. The Mod is complete, bug free but some problems can occur if the Savegames aren’t completely deleted before starting a new Ordeal V2 game.


        9. July 2013 17:31

        ” I will share my age if you share it too.”
        Of course. At the moment I’m 24. 🙂

        About the mod, it is made in the style of the original, but to be honest, I would like to see something new in the game, such as Painkiller: Reload mod. I just played the original enough and want something else. You know what I mean?

        Shadow ReBorn

        9. July 2013 17:44

        Ok then, since you’re so interested I am 22, not very far from you in age it seems.
        I agree that Ordeal V2 does not add graphics like yours, but it does add some stuff. Read the changelog.:)
        I would appreciate if you don’t post the code for Ordeal man, since people need to work to get there. Knowing it takes away the replay value and also people will get smashed and become furious if they hop straight into Ordeal difficulty.


        9. July 2013 18:27

        Browse pkrus? All right. You can even get there zaregatsya and easily communicate with people or with an interpreter or so. Yet there are people who know English.
        Your new difficulty “Ordeal” with new enemies in general is not bad.

        Shadow ReBorn

        9. July 2013 18:36

        Thanks yeah. There are a lot of hidden surprises.Yeah, I visit it sometimes but can’t understand a lot.


    8. July 2013 20:10

    I am still confused about why people prefer and love mods that offer an abundance of “new” fake textures and a pile of super flashy effects just to make it look a bit different and …they think it’s all “original”.

    This Mod does its job perfectly regarding the concept of originality, by fixing an incredible HUGE amount of bugs that were left in the game (read the changelog!), It also adds many cool, ORIGINAL features that are worth checking out and that really give the player a whole new awesome experience !

    I’m the author of the new levels…The author liked them and decided to professionally integrate them into his Mod.

    Overall, its a great and amazing Mod and it is definitely worth downloading !!


      11. July 2013 11:55

      Phantom, is there a reason why you dislike other mods so much?


        11. July 2013 12:35

        Hello Hellen,

        It’s everyone’s right to create their own mods and I wouldn’t have said anything, ever, if people wouldn’t have started saying that the Ordeal Mod does not offer anything and it’s NOT ORIGINAL…..but on the other hand they say that a Mod that COPIES and IMPORTS textures and architecture from another game and bundles it together in one Mod is ORIGINAL and it adds so much stuff and it’s so great.
        I can’t stand it and it annoys me when people say all kinds of stuff and accuse Ordeal about things that aren’t there. It adds a big number of cool features that were NEVER seen anywhere, and it fixes a huge amount of bugs that nobody else fixed…
        I just wish that people were realistic and think before accusing a Mod of something…and not just jump right to conclusions before even playing it…


        11. July 2013 13:07

        Thanks for the reply.


        11. July 2013 13:09

        “and not just jump right to conclusions before even playing it…”
        You have done the same thing ..


      11. July 2013 14:00

      Okay,Phantom,you don’t like this new flashy-uber-super-useless-necrovision effect in our mods,do you?But you created this 9 new levels with horrible REDEMPTION gameplay.And after that you said that this mod has an original atmosphere and gameplay?A tons of different monsters appeared from one spawnpoint without a reloading.Ninjas and gladiators on the Fallen map.Bones and Teutonic Knights are presented at almost every level. Is this the original gameplay?And you were talking about “Fake effects and textures” in our mods.And after that you used an old music from Prince of Persia and Warcraft 3,which is not suitable for the crazy and hurricane gameplay of the Original Painkiller.You said interesting thing:”I wouldn’t have said anything, ever, if people wouldn’t have started saying that the Ordeal Mod does not offer anything and it’s NOT ORIGINAL”,so,why did you create a video about Painkiller Reload some time before?Does it’s author said something offensive about Painkiller Ordeal? That’s all,that I wanted to know from you.

        Alex M

        17. September 2013 13:49

        Hey you know what “Guest”? You are an idiot, because this NOT Redemptin gameplay…

        You have not even played the mod if you say this is a copy of Redemption.

        First of all Redemption was a FAIL and this is how the multiplayer levels should be done in the first place.


        17. September 2013 15:56

        Thank you for supporting the Mod and understanding what my general idea was when I created these new levels.

        I did intend to make a different gameplay compared to Redemption because neither do I believe that a Serious Sam type of gameplay is welcome in Painkiller, as it was done in Pk Redemption. I also dislike that game.


        17. September 2013 19:13

        I meant .. I dislike Redemption.
        Serious Sam is one of the most awesome games I’ve played. 🙂


      11. July 2013 18:35

      New levels? It is a 9 MP maps without waypoints and “redemption” style gameplay, yes?

        Shadow ReBorn

        11. July 2013 19:12

        I’m very sorry for you if the gameplay from these levels seems close to Redemption. One big difference is that there aren’t around a hundred enemies per checkpoint. The gameplay is more close to the original. Stop chaining comments without any real purpose. Thanks!


        11. July 2013 20:55

        Well if bugs in gameplay is not a topic to be discussed then I not say anymore =)

        Shadow ReBorn

        11. July 2013 21:18

        There are no bugs, my friend. The Mod has been thoroughly tested. Don’t modify values yourself in .ini and then call out bugs. Crashes might happen because that’s how a game is (nothing is perfect), but nothing more.
        If you don’t like it, by all means, forget about it, uninstall it and never play it again. It’s that simple.

    jackie the killer

    6. March 2014 06:06

    well fuck you then


8. July 2013 20:23

Thank you for this mod… im looking forward to enjoy every moment of it 🙂 The authors are truly amazing and it’s totally worth the work with it ^^ once again THANK YOU!

Shadow ReBorn

8. July 2013 21:08

Please start a new game! From Scratch else the game will most likely crash. Thank You!

    David Piñero Piñero

    9. July 2013 13:41

    How off the clock in the hud.

    thank you for you job.

      Shadow ReBorn

      9. July 2013 16:17

      If you want to turn off the clock you need to open the console (tilde, ~) and then type in pmshowclock 0 and hit enter. You need to do this every time you want to turn it off. Thank you too for your comment.

        David Piñero Piñero

        9. July 2013 22:40

        Thank you , great fresh painkiller, but the videos its possible subtitle in spanish.

        Shadow ReBorn

        9. July 2013 23:36

        Well the Mod is available in Spanish (everything written that is) but no, no subs for the movies in Spanish, sorry.

        David Piñero Piñero

        10. July 2013 02:22

        Thank you this no its a problem because i have of spanish ver. but how i watch the original videos and not new videos sub.

        Shadow ReBorn

        10. July 2013 02:39

        You can’t easily without uninstalling the Mod.


9. July 2013 18:35

Sorry, my previous post was written with the nickname “Kutkin”


11. July 2013 12:02

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Peter Henkel

15. July 2013 08:37

I’m always happy to see new content for PKBE. But please, can you make lite version with only GFX improvements, bug fixes and new HUDs? In other words with gameplay mechanics untouched.

    Shadow ReBorn

    15. July 2013 14:26

    Thank you for taking an interest.
    I won’t make another version of the Mod. Gameplay and bugfixes are mostly what this Mod is about.
    Thanks for your understanding.

      Peter Henkel

      15. July 2013 14:36

      So in other words if I want bugfixes and GFX enhancement, I’m forced to have changed gameplay mechanics. Terrific.

        Shadow ReBorn

        15. July 2013 14:43

        They are for the best, but I guess that depends on the player. Just start on a lower difficulty and you won’t have any trouble.


17. July 2013 16:13

Thanks for the mod. Few comments.

For whatever reason the movement feels sluggish- I have not noticed this in vanilla Painkiller. It’s hard to explain, but it seems like if you tap the movement keys the startup is not instantaneous, and I found myself getting stuck on objects in the environment a lot.

Regarding the additional levels- the music is terribly edited. I understand you/the author chose the music from existing bands, but it is poorly compiled/spliced together. It sort of kills the immersion of the game when I am blasting apart enemies in droves and a horrendously edited version of a Nightwish song is playing in the background. I would honestly prefer original Painkiller music thrown in these levels.

Regarding PowerMad functionality- you should selectively allow certain console commands in higher difficulties, mainly those that are not technically classified as ‘cheats’. Examples include pkkeepbodies and pkkeepdecals. I personally enjoy playing Painkiller where the enemy bodies/blood never dissapear- it’s extremely satisfying to blast through a room and see the carnage afterwards. I know this may be a personal preference, but I don’t see the point in disabling EVERY console command, especially if it has no bearing on the actual gameplay (IE a cheat).

Great Mod- just a few suggestions

    Shadow ReBorn

    17. July 2013 18:11

    Hello ExodusTerminus,

    Thanks for trying out the Mod, I will do my best to answer all of your comments.

    If you have sluggish movement, you should turn off some graphic options like “Advanced Warp Effects”, the Mod has higher system requirements than the original game. Me and my testers have around 200-300 FPS in almost every level. I don’t know why you’re experiencing sluggishness or getting stuck in the environment. I did my best to minimize the use of useless effects to improve or maintain original performance.

    Well we wanted to change the music for the new levels, because the original ones were already overused. I understand you don’t like the mixing, we obviously did, but it’s a matter of taste. It is dynamic and keeps you in the fight. I respect your opinion, though.

    Powermad was mostly used for the few fixes it provides, so that I won’t have to do them again. Some console commands work regardless the difficulty. Pkkeepbodies works only in lower difficulty levels, because I considered it a cheat, more or less, or a gameplay deviation. You get no soul, plus you can use the Painkiller weapon to freely bodysurf, since you have interactive ragdolls. As for the other one, pkkeepdecals it was entirely removed because it caused graphical artifices as well as floating decals. It is part of removing every single problem in the game.

    Other cheats like disable clock or enable clock, disable FPS or enable FPS work fine regardless the difficulty. If you truly want to keep decals forever, despite what I said, since it provides no gameplay alteration, you can do it the following way:
    Go to your Painkiller root folder, enter Bin folder, open Config.ini, find the line “DecalsStayTime” and change the whatever value you have next to it, to 0. Save, close and there you go, your decals will stay. It’s a matter of preference like you said.

    Thanks again for posting something useful. Good gaming!


      17. July 2013 18:26

      Thanks for the response.

      I only had limited time to try out the mod so far, but I will continue to play through and let you know if I encounter any oddities/have suggestions.

      Regarding the sluggish controls- I only seemed to notice it when I played the Graveyard level. I am curious though if the movement variables were tweaked for the mod, since the overall movement speed and acceleration seems slower to me. My average FPS is over 300, so I am fairly certain it is not a performance related observation.

      As for the music- it is exactly as you stated- personal taste/preference. I can always disable battle music when playing these levels if it bothers me. You can’t please everyone.. an important point everyone should consider before openly criticizing someone else s work (especially when it is free for our enjoyment).

      I can try the configuration file modification for decals- thanks for the suggestion!

        Shadow ReBorn

        17. July 2013 18:41

        Thanks for being such an understanding man.
        The Cemetery level seems to be one of the most demanding levels but I did my performance runs on it and as I said they turned out ok.
        Nope, no movement variables or anything related were tweaked. This is one of the very good things this game can offer: fast paced and perfectly tweaked movement mechanics.
        Well I did my best to eliminate 99% of the issues that were in my power to fix. I hope you’ll have a next to perfect experience.
        Ok try it, just remember that it causes certain graphical problems, mild anyway.
        Have fun with the Mod.


17. September 2013 02:48

I can not say anything about this mod, because it is locked.

I downloaded the mod not play same Painkiller levels AGAIN for the 999 time, but to play Ordeal. Am i right to think so or not?

Instead i find ordeal and trauma settigns locked and powermad not working. BS… Very disappointed.

The mod should be available to be played instantly, but instead the author throws us all back to the school of 2004 like some fucking noobs and wants us to play nightmare first..

Come on, this is fucking cheap…

    Shadow ReBorn

    17. September 2013 04:17

    i think you mean that the Ordeal difficulty is locked not the mod.
    You have to play through Nightmare and Trauma to unlock Ordeal not because you don’t know how to play but because the conditions (which are new and harder) and the feeling will be a bit different due to the improvements.
    Powermad works in lower difficulties, any cheat does.
    You need the cards to make your way through the Ordeal difficulty, another reason why it is initially locked.
    Those who really want to hop into Ordeal difficulty should contact me on YT (user RevReBorn Shadow).


17. September 2013 02:54

The custom level modifications, on the other side, were great! I found them to be balanced, challenging, short and to the point, unlike that piece of shit PK Redemption…

I think at least with custom levels RevbornShadow did a fine job, and even though some secrets were utterly stupid, the pace of the game and combat mechanics did not disappoint.

Mr Lahey

1. October 2013 05:50

that was seriously AWEsome – so far. Played with the 9 new levels and GREAT job on reworking the layout by using walls in different places. Redemption used those same mulitplayer maps and it was not very interesting, but you took them to new places. Congrats. Great job. Played a bit of regular PK and BOOH….and not seeing anything new and engaging there…..(but then i can’t play it in ordeal mode, so i’ll miss out on whatever you did there). Still, it’s a mod….it’s free….and it’s more advanced than I can create. I’m working on some mods myself. so i get it. Again, nice job.

    Shadow ReBorn

    1. October 2013 06:32

    Thanks for your appreciations.
    Well there are a lot of bugfixes and new conditions and some changed cards for the normal difficulties but once you get to Ordeal difficulty things change. Please read the changelog from the Ordeal documentation folder if you have the time for more as there are too many to say.:)
    Do you have the patience to get to the Ordeal difficulty?


2. October 2013 15:38

The first thing I must say is that I can not thank you enough for this mod. The new levels are truly awesome. I thank Phantom (as I understand, correct me if I am wrong) for doing a really great gameplay in these levels, way different and better than that cheap crap redemption. The music is well chosen. I recognized a few of it myself *cough*. I also thank the rest of your crew for doing their parts well for this mod to happen. (Yeah, I watched the credits a few times, I couldn’t help it. It’s Avantasia.)

Regarding the campaign, I finished the Nightmare and Trauma difficulties with your Mod two or three weeks ago and I enjoyed the new features, especially the demon morph counter-thingy:), very well chosen secrets locations. All in all it was a great experience and the conditions proved challenging enough, and I say that being a hardcore player of the original game.

What I really want to mention is that I also just finished the Ordeal difficulty playthrough, with cards that is, and it was felt really special, so to speak. The new monsters really jumpscared me just too many times ( I thought I was better than this, though, having a few pk years on my back ). Thy are so evil and tough as the new fight locaitons are. I mean I really took Pk for granted and thought that this is it, it has its well set boundaries like fight-zone and landscape-zone ,it cannot be expanded and I know it by heart. But I’ve been wrong before aaaand yes, the new locations blend in perfectly. Well done, again.

One more thing, to prove that I’ve finished Ordeal difficulty, there’s nothing left to say than: a player must be a little, daring devil to play from scratch. Hope you understand, I am not such a good joke-maker and word-twister. HAHAHA!


That’s it ! Cheers!


    2. October 2013 15:46

    Wow! Really, thanks a lot! I am very happy you liked my maps and that you liked the whole Mod. Congrats for finishing the whole playthrough! 🙂

    Shadow ReBorn

    2. October 2013 16:40

    Thank you ENDO, for your kind words.:)

    You are correct. Phantom made the levels, I also helped a bit (picked music, integration in the Mod, corrections). We are thrilled that you enjoyed them!

    I am impressed you took the time to watch the credits! I am glad you liked the song, it was definitely a contributing factor to you watching the credits.

    It is very nice to see someone playing through the Ordeal Mod V2 as intended because it definitely provides a challenge right from the start. Some people just don’t have the patience to find this out.

    The new Demon Morph system helps with the new harder dual conditions. I am pleased you found it a welcome and useful addition.

    You have my personal thanks for braving through the Ordeal difficulty! Indeed, the difficulty is generally meant to be played with cards (you did have to work hard and unlock them). Don’t worry, I myself am a hardcore Pk player and the Ordeal baddies still run me over sometimes due to being overconfident.
    Hehe, yes I believe you played through it, no worries.:)

    Thank you for sharing your adventures in Ordeal Mod Version 2 with us and for your praise.
    You are always welcome on my YouTube channel should you need something or just want to talk. Channel name: RevReBorn Shadow.

    Cheers and have a nice day!


17. October 2013 14:39

This is awesome, so many cool stuff, really well done. I love all of it!
Also, beautiful and amazing new levels, all of them. Wargrounds was my favorite though.
Hehe! You sould make more Mods, you definitely have the skill!

    Shadow ReBorn

    17. October 2013 14:46

    Much appreciated!
    I am glad you liked WarGrounds. It is a bit tough.:)
    That is a possibility too.


31. October 2013 23:26

I just have to say Shadow, I tried everything PK-related in hope to find something at least remotely as good as the original. Ordeal mod is the ONLY one that managed to impress me and which gave me an awesome feeling overall. I can finally say I found something worth it, even way better than the original. All those bug fixes and the new features are more than welcome and much appreciated for taking your time and I honestly thank you for it ! I read your changelog and I was AMAZED.
And the new levels were also very, VERY well made. I was reluctant at first because of Redemption… but these 9 new levels are a masterpiece compared to that redemption boring garbage.

    Shadow ReBorn

    1. November 2013 00:27

    Hello TyrandeWolf,
    I am glad you found something to suit your thirst for good gameplay. Moreover, I am thrilled that my Mod managed to give you this satisfaction.
    I thank you for your praise and support. It means a lot.:)
    You are one of the few, I think, who read the Changelog and I must thank you again for having the patience. You are a hero if you read the Detailed one.
    Yes, the new levels are certainly different than those in Redemption and provide a different experience.
    In case you come back to read, I must ask, have you reached the Ordeal difficulty?
    Again, thanks for your words! They are heartwarming.
    Cheers and have a nice day! Good gaming!


      1. November 2013 01:18

      Hello Shadow,
      You are very welcome, you deserve my words!
      Yes I went through the whole game before sharing my opinion. Like I said I was reluctant, but for once, I was not disappointed.
      Yes, I read the detailed changelog. It’s a shame people don’t take their time to read it.
      I played Ordeal difficulty with cards and used them usually where it was a new area to have a chance to fully pay attention to everything around me.
      I admit it was hard, I restarted a shitload of times at times but it was definitely worth it.
      I had a month work-free (october) so I had the change to try out your mod and some other stuff I’ve been willing to try. (haven’t had work free days for a long long time). Catch up with the gaming side of me and with my Pk skill to fully return to me. It’s hard to do them both: gaming+work.

      Don’t let your talent go to waste,stay in the modding business, maybe join a community or something !!

        Shadow ReBorn

        1. November 2013 01:59

        Ok then, you are a very patient person for reading through all of it!
        Congrats for beating Ordeal and wise move on activating cards where things got sticky. The difficulty is challenging yes and your patience prevailed again. No doubt your skill prevailed too since luck can’t save you too many times.
        It seems, you used your free time wisely then.
        Indeed, it is hard to combine them but definitely possible.
        Thanks for the encouragement. As I said, your support keeps the Mod alive!
        I have an advice for you as well: do not ever quit playing Painkiller, hehe. 😀 You definitely are a hardcore player.
        If you want we can also keep in touch on YouTube if you have an account. My channel name is RevReBorn Shadow.

        Have a nice day!


6. November 2013 23:22

I’m sorry for my silly question, but do I need to have the BooH expansion to run the mod, or is the original Painkiller enough?

    Shadow Reborn

    7. November 2013 05:19

    As I said in the main post, you need to have Painkiller + BooH installed and then patched to version 1.64. Afterwards, install Powermad 3.62 (it comes with the Mod archive). Finally, you can install the Mod itself.


8. November 2013 19:27

Nice, good mod, liked the features.
Question: can I get a version that contains only the new levels but with controllable demon and dynamic lights and also with card usage? I loved them so much I want them apart from pk.They have the best gameplay for Pk from all the usermade maps created and now I want to unlock conditions there too. Can I ? Please…Don’t get this wrong… ALL the mod is good. Just a question.

    Shadow Reborn

    8. November 2013 20:24

    I am glad that you liked the Mod and it’s features.
    Sadly this is not possible at the moment since I haven’t made any other version and I won’t work on it anymore. Maybe wait for V3 (if it will ever come), who knows. I wanted them apart since you get all cards in the original acts. You have controllable morphs and dynamic lights but sadly no cards and conditions for these levels for balance issues.
    Thanks for taking an interest in the Mod.


      8. November 2013 20:57

      Ok, I understand, thank you for answering and thank you for the mod.
      I will play V3 if it comes out and see what waits for me there.

        Shadow Reborn

        8. November 2013 21:03

        Thanks for understanding. Well you shouldn’t count on it but it’s good to know you will play it if it ever comes out.


13. November 2013 14:02

http://pkrus. ru/forum/17-254-1

    Shadow Reborn

    13. November 2013 16:08

    I read through that topic. It was mostly made in an ironic way with sarcastic narrating (even the name is ironic – AMAZING Mod – proves that you mock Ordeal V2 from the start).

    The very few bugs that you specified are either small bugs that me and my testers failed to find and fix before the release of V2 ( we are humans). However the horrible HUD and screwed interface issues that you showed never ever happened to me nor to my testers nor to those who have played through the Mod until now. If it did happen to you I have no idea what might have triggered it but I don’t think Ordeal introduced it. The Mod wouldn’t have been released if such a bug would have occurred in any of the many testing phases. Ordeal Mod V2 deactivates the free cards bonus that you mentioned and the fact that it worked for you means that a combination of some Mods might trigger it again for a short while maybe. As you might know, it is related to the registry.

    About the rest of the review, it merely reflects your tastes (inappropriate coloring and ugly texturing and such) and your view of how the game should feel or look like. Your tastes or vision do not match mine. Complaining about the unbalanced conditions or about the high challenge in the “Ordeal” difficulty shows that you were not ready to play straight through the “Ordeal” difficulty without playing through the other difficulties. I know you probably cheated through some parts but I admire that you went on despite the fact that you hate it.
    In a way, I am glad you played through the difficulty…
    I also played Reload but I won’t take my time to make any type of review.

    Have a nice day!


      14. November 2013 00:13

      I passed your mod on a fair basis without hacking and so forth
      It was such a full review of what has turned out well and what does not. And how innovations look at the background of the original. My opinion in general.

      >>> As you might know, it is related to the registry.<<<
      Yes, I know. However, you included this bonus mode and now in a original game and My mod is tarot cards have become free.

        Shadow Reborn

        14. November 2013 01:08

        Well I removed the Bonus and everything about it. For me it doesn’t work and never will. I tested on another, clean version which had the Bonus, then installed Ordeal and the Bonus was gone. Who knows…
        I don’t think Phantom will make any review.


21. November 2013 15:01

Ahaha, Shadow Reborn, looks like there was someone who did not like your mod. =)

    Shadow Reborn

    21. November 2013 15:41

    Oh, you sure showed me. You achieve nothing as I know it is one of your friends. Besides, I am happy enough with the rest of the feedback. Good day to you too.:)


      21. November 2013 16:15

      No, this is not one of my friends. If that were the case, then here to see prices would already was a mountain of comments. Who is it, I do not know.


24. November 2013 22:33

Govno etot vash ordeal.


26. November 2013 07:26

I am Russian, played in both mods and that’s what I can say

ordeal hardcore mod. Not only liked the coloring monsters, bugs in the game and inappropriate for level monsters. reload a good mod, much liked, so I guess was supposed to be painkiller 2, ordeal a little worse because of its complexity.


    26. November 2013 07:26

    Author fix the bugs in the fashion of his, and then impossible to play sometimes and make more effortless way of getting the Tarot cards

      Shadow Reborn

      26. November 2013 16:17

      First, considering that you are the same person who posted “Fuckin Ordeal” but with another name, I must say, it is not a good idea to start an opinion like that. Such things severely reduce your credibility.

      You have proven that you can read through Havcom’s personal review of the Mod. You should play the Mod not read a review but if you did play, then strangely, your ideas are identical to Havcom’s.

      Second, it is just incredible how you Russians run into all these nonexistent game-breaking bugs. Yes, there are still missed ones from the original game but nothing serious and the Mod does not introduce game breaking bugs. Neither me, my testers nor any of the Ordeal Mod players so far have ever encountered serious bugs.

      I discard any complaints about the difficulty. The Mod is balanced in a certain way and it is not for every Pk player if you don’t play as intended following a difficulty progression.

      Lastly, it will never matter to me which Mod is better. This is my version of Painkiller. You are free to uninstall Ordeal and play Reload at any time and forget Ordeal with it’s so called “bugs in the fashion” that make it impossible to play.

      This goes for any Russian hater from here on.


        28. November 2013 23:04

        Shadow Reborn, you do not like criticism?


13. December 2013 10:54

Shadow you rock! This is great. I missed the good old PK.
It was awesome to get back in action in the beautiful hardcore PK thanks to Ordeal.

    Shadow Reborn

    13. December 2013 12:58

    Much appreciated, mate!


    13. December 2013 15:54

    dJPayne, you can list the virtues of this mod? What specifically do you like?


      13. December 2013 19:41

      I said it before: “I missed the good old PK”.
      Ordeal managed to keep that authenticity that I fell in love with 8 years ago when I started to play.
      It provides exactly what I need: a WAY MORE HARDCORE gamestyle, I don’t want anything more from PK.I played the original two dozen times and it became to easy for me.
      That’s what I, personally, want: even harder monsters, new challenges(conditions), harder more intense everything.

      As a bonus fixes annoying bugs and the features: like the demon morph counting and the new cards, etc they are useful.
      Simple and brilliant.

      Is your curiosity satisfied?


        13. December 2013 20:42

        Thanks for the answer


    13. December 2013 18:31

    C’mon, I just want to know what this man saw interesting. Why just put me dislike? This is the usual question without the hidden hint.


16. January 2014 20:20

When is v3 come out? v2 is satisfying me. Hope you add more new levels, they are very great. Loved demon number box and easy money system. Nice work! Nice that you killed many many bugs! Good mod!

    Shadow Reborn

    16. January 2014 21:45

    Thanks for trying out the Mod.
    V3 won’t be coming out, I think…there are no plans. God knows…
    Well, the money system is simplified but it certainly does not make it easier for the player.
    Thanks for your positive feedback.


      17. January 2014 01:38

      AH. I hope you release v3 in the future! Thanks for good work and answer.

      Buena suerte !

jackie the killer

6. March 2014 06:05

i love painkiller it is a badass game


10. April 2014 01:47

Blimey! Your mod really takes the biscuit, mate. It’s seldom that you see people actually giving a damn about all those bugs. I read that long changelog of yours and I was nothing less than stunned. Keep at it!

    Shadow Reborn

    10. April 2014 02:36

    Greetings to you and your British fellows!
    You have quite the patience since you read the detailed changelog.
    Thanks for dropping by and for trying out the Mod!
    Cheers, mate.


      22. April 2014 22:39

      Hi Shadow.
      What can I say? You guessed me mate.

      Thank YOU for giving Painkiller some nice replay value.
      By the way those 9 new levels were WOW, who would’ve thought such bloody great levels could come out of some simple MP maps. That Phantom friend of yours is simply very creative for doing this. Applause for you both.
      I’ll go swing into action now!
      Cheers and greetings from Britain!


        22. April 2014 22:50

        Thanks a bunch from me as well !
        Enjoy the Mod !


18. June 2014 21:43

The only think i DIDN’T like were the tarot card conditions. The new levels were short, but good. Not a big deal. I completed the game on Ordeal, after 1 year researching on how to get the cards, then play on trauma, to get divine intervention and to umlock Ordeal, then i got to play on Ordeal (Wow, wut? It was like Trauma, just tougher enemies). Then almost everything goes all over again, but in BOOH.

    Shadow Reborn

    18. June 2014 23:35

    Hmm, from what you described, you played version 1 of the Mod not 2. There is no Divine Intervention in V2 and Ordeal difficulty is much more different than Trauma in V2.
    The conditions however are pretty tough in V2 too.


21. June 2014 00:35

Hey everybody.I want to say somethings as well. I liked the mod over all but it is too hardcore for me, now. Two conditions is a great idea but hard in some levels.
Demon morph on command really helped.
The nine new levels were very well made and I enjoyed when I played them.
I was curious if anything is new on higher difficulty and I found and spawned the new monsters in editor and I really like the new skins and I noticed new ambushes and spawners in some levels.
I know to work with editor a bit because I was curious and made a few things too but I will not post.
Because I saw that , now I promise to train hard and work hard enough to get on biggest difficulty too and see the new monsters and areas in person.
Thanks for the effort you put in this mod Shadow.

    Shadow Reborn

    21. June 2014 00:52

    Yes, the Mod is hardcore and Nightmare difficulty (with conditions) as well as Trauma when played properly prepare you for Ordeal difficulty.
    I hope you didn’t spoil too much for yourself by looking in the levels because that would be a shame.
    It is well worth it to get to Ordeal and play as intended and I am glad something, even the sneak peak, got you motivated to get there.
    I like how your promise sounds and if you wish some assistance you can get it by sending a message at RevReBorn Shadow on YouTube.
    I look forward to hearing more from you, if there is any progress.


17. April 2015 00:27

HI, I just installed the mod, but I’m not getting the subs in the videos. Did I made something wrong?


17. April 2015 01:11

It seens very hard to unlock the tarot cards. The mod new unlock rules are much harder than the original? Because I’m casual player and don’t wan’t to spend so much time repeating levels to get these. If the original unlock conditions are easier I’m considering unistall the mod.

    Shadow Reborn

    17. April 2015 02:38

    Yes, the conditions are harder in Ordeal Mod v2. They provide a better challenge and some cards are more rewarding. The difficulties train you progressively towards the higher ones which are more interesting but also a lot harder.

    I suggest you try unlocking cards in the Insomnia difficulty. It’s the lowest difficulty in which you can actually unlock cards and you can unlock almost all of them. Once you have done that you can move on to Nightmare and get the remaining cards, but Insomnia is a good way to start if you are more of a casual player.

    You could check the changelog for any features that you might be interested in and then you can decide if you want to uninstall the Mod or try to improve and play through it. The changelog is in the Painkiller folder, inside the “Ordeal Mod Documentation” folder.

    If you’re having trouble with finding secrets you can search for the videos that I made which show how to get all the secrets from a level including those added in Ordeal v2.

    Best of luck !


      17. April 2015 17:39

      Thanks for your prompt response. I have a lot of other games that I want to play, and little time to spent playing, so, I’m pretending do no more than one playthrough, and I’m already playing in insomnia difficult. Your mod is great, but seems too hardcore for me. It is sad that I can’t enjoy just the others features, like the bug fixes, graphical improvements and minor balance changes of your mod.

        Shadow Reborn

        18. April 2015 02:15

        I see. Well of course, you decide how you use your time. Ordeal Mod rewards those who persist with new content as they progress. If you do play more, you can always come back here and share your experience.


17. April 2015 01:14

I’m not getting the sub in the videos, did I something wrong?

    Shadow Reborn

    17. April 2015 02:30

    The subs should be in English when the videos are playing in game. Make sure you installed THIS version, not from another site and followed the instructions properly.


      17. April 2015 17:29

      Yes, I download the files here, and I belive the instalation is correct. I tried two times but the videos are still not subbed. My workaround will be use a bink player and watch outside the game. As english are not my native language, the subs will help.

        Shadow Reborn

        18. April 2015 02:09

        This is as interesting as it is strange. Help me understand more by answering the following, if you will:
        1) Is the language spoken in your movies English or another?
        2) Is there an intro_sub file in the Movies folder, located inside the Data folder?
        3) Are there other files with the “intro” name or anything close to that in the Movies folder?
        4) Do you have any other Mods installed besides Powermad 3.62 (which is required for Ordeal Mod V2 to work properly)? If you do, delete those since any other Mod except for Powermad will most certainly conflict with Ordeal.
        5) Did you start a new game from scratch?
        6) Is there an OrdData file in your Data folder?

        Please answer these and maybe we can get to the bottom of this. It is impossible to have the Mod work correctly in all regards and not have subtitles in your movies.


14. June 2015 22:25

Thanks a LOT for your hard efforts Shadow & Phantom!!! I absolutely LOVE the difficulty you added to the game!

For LINUX players, if this mod crashes in Video settings or upon picking levels, please make sure you LOWERCASED recursively all filenames in PK, in Powermad and in Ordeal – before you merge them! Some file in Ordeal has wrong case, because ext FS is case sensive, that produced whole bunch of strange errors. The titlescreen is DIFFERENT in Ordeal FYI, so if you get usual – means you have problem.

Works flawelessly in Linux under Wine+opensource AMD drivers btw (HD5850).

Once again, hats of to you guys!!!

I am russian. Don’t mind nationality, mind the mindset! But you probably know it anyway, as you haven’t stripped rus support due to “constructive” criticism of my kinsmen…
I am also impressed how nice you responded in all posts to Kutkin, Havcom etc. They obviously have no idea what “vision” is, I am pretty sure they can create their own mods and be happy within it.


    15. June 2015 01:14

    Brilliant idea to make this tutorial for Linux, since I’m sure there are players who play the Linux version and it will prove helpful.
    Thanks for your nice words !

    Shadow Reborn

    15. June 2015 01:48

    Thank you for your kind words Victor!
    I admit that Ordeal only takes Windows players into consideration. It’s good that you mentioned this small tutorial. It will be useful for Linux players and maybe I will also take it into consideration for any future development.
    Oh, I never thought that all Russians are by default haters. 🙂
    Well, everyone has his or her own vision of things or how things should be but I think that certain individuals go too far and resort to slander which in turn leads to their own ridicule.
    Game on!


16. August 2015 02:58

Why all these fights in the comments? It’s just a mod, don’t like don’t play.
For me it was a rly nice experience.
Was expecting a tad more content and changes but I’m pleased with what I saw in the end.
The new levels were super nice too.
Kudos to the author for all the fixing though.
I have some experience with the pk code and editor and I had … help in passing through until the end of ordeal diff, so to speak. That diff is f*ing insane to say the least.
Hope in v3 to see more complicated stuff and more content especially on the last diff.
Painkiller will never die in my opinion so people should never give up on playing/modding it.


    16. August 2015 03:25

    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂
    I was wondering what did you mean by “had some help”…did you pass nightmare, trauma and then ordeal ?
    The Ordeal difficulty is extremely challenging yes, but it is manageable with cards if you don’t want to challenge yourself.
    Yes, I agree that a game can never die while there are still people who love it and play it.


      16. August 2015 03:33

      I mean I activated some cheats and made some monsters’ health smaller.
      Also gave some ammo in some levels. I like to play with the scripts and editor and I’m thinking of creating something myself if I gather enough knowledge.
      There are a lot of mods out to inspire from. But I’ll make original stuff. I mean inspire in mechanics and how scripts work. Nothing more than that.
      Yes, it’s been a long time since I played pk so I wasn’t really in shape to play Ordeal.
      Thanks for the reply.

        Shadow Reborn

        16. August 2015 03:45

        If you were not ready for Ordeal difficulty then you shouldn’t have played through it. Hacking my Mod in such a way in order to cheat so badly despite the Mod specifically not letting you cheat is not a smart move. Ordeal difficulty is for those who are ready and got there by unlocking the cards and by playing smart not by cheating. I would have been more content to hear that you stopped playing because it was too hard. Modifying anything is a disgrace to the Mod and the author.
        Painkiller Ordeal is complicated enough for Painkiller as it is and there is little chance of seeing a V3.


        16. August 2015 04:32

        Ok, I didn’t want to offend here.
        I’m not sharing my changes with the public.
        All the time invested in changing everything and playing was because your mod seemed worth it.
        Like I said rly nice experience.
        I tried to play beforehand and it was rly challenging but I wanted not to delete your hard work but try to play somehow and also learn more in scripts and editing.
        Please consider a v3 because I am sure you can make a even better version.
        I hope you will understand my motives. I am not like your enemies here in the comments. I respect you as a fellow pk fan and modder.
        Have fun with v3.

        Shadow Reborn

        16. August 2015 14:10

        Yes, I know that you won’t share anything with the public. That wouldn’t be a smart move.
        I get it that you liked the Mod and really wanted to pass through it fully but in my opinion hacking it is not the way to go.
        I understood your motives but I don’t agree with your ways. Imagine working hard on something for some years and then someone ruins that perfect balance with “changes” in order to cheat, even if it is for their own purposes.
        Still, you were a reasonable man in expressing your reasons and I appreciate that.
        The best way to learn something is from the original game, as I did. I didn’t learn anything from any other Mod. The devs work better and more efficiently.
        I have no doubt V3 is gonna be way better but there is no time and there are too many things to do to get it done. Real life issues also in the way so, at the moment it is dead.



        16. August 2015 22:43

        Hehe. I think Shadow is overreacting. =) You (SolomonJ) have just used developer mode (by omitting the difficulty) and thus only debugged the mod, but not played it. =)

        Ordeal specializes in challenge, so by taking away the challenge you stripped away the essence of the mod…. This is like eating sugar without exercise. You will become fat and apathetic, instead of capable and pleased – because you stripped the Yang from the Whole to get the Yin, but its the BALANCE that makes one appreciate the Yin. =)

        Dear Shadow, the Town on Nightmare difficulty is a breeze after Snowy Bridge. Would be cool if one hit from “flesh” would take away 60% of health and there is too much ammo around – perhaps double the health of zombies to compensate? I am sure its a bug =)

        Shadow Reborn

        17. August 2015 00:34

        Lol. That was an awesome comparison and I take my hat off to you, good sir!
        Haha, no bug. Town is supposed to be easier and sort of a cooldown after Bridge. The zombies still decrease quite a lot if they hit you but one shot kills or hits that decrease 60% health of how much you currently have is too much especially in Nightmare. Actually, a weapon hit from one of those zombies decreases 60+ health in Ordeal difficulty :). You’ll see that some levels are made easier than others as a “cooldown”.
        Have fun climbing the difficulties! I’m sure you will be challenged enough later on!:)


        17. August 2015 00:57

        Aha! Okay, now it makes sense… Still, the funny thing is actually I didn’t expect any cool off, because when playing your mod I either
        1) take a break from the game because I fail meeting the goals over, over and over in order to think what I do wrong
        2) or pass the level and start thinking how to beat next successfully, or
        3) reload the screen autosave point and go back to older map from the past, which I couldn’t beat… =) Right now these are Asylum and Cathedral, but Catacombs and Prison hung here too.

        Well, I guess, this is then supposed to be this way. =) Thank you!

        Shadow Reborn

        17. August 2015 01:20

        I see. Well Ordeal is not supposed to make you throw your computer out the window because of the difficulty.:) Nightmare is still not that hard as you might have noticed in some levels. Some levels are even pretty easy to beat their condition. However, things do get harder later on, I promise you.:)

        For Asylum you need a good map knowledge for the final run andor good cards to help you out with it.(Haste)

        Catacombs are not that hard so just improve your time for the fights before the big one (prefinal). Skip secrets for the time-run of course. You can replay afterwards and get all secrets.

        For Prison, stay behind cover when they start shooting and use peek-shots with the Pk. Aim, fire then move behind cover, let the Pk return to your hand by itself, meaning you probably got him.



        17. August 2015 02:10

        Hmm, I guess it IS. Because I like it a lot like it currently is, it makes one to plan and think in order to approach each map; and not just run ahead and kill stuff.

        Catacombs is a bummer, because there is a time limit; and to get all its secrets one needs crates that are bulky and easily explode. Also one of the secrets requires horizontal around-the-corner jumping. Whilst I am not a newbie when it comes to Quake-style jumps (I jumped quite some UrbanTerror jump maps), Painkiller’s technique to around-the-corner jumps are not my favorite ..

        Catacombs was the reason to find something like grapple hook mod – I found one and improved/modified it a lot. My version is here in the forums. Its pretty unforgiving in newbie hands, but a good tool to slow down the descending, explore some places faster or push one few meters up – but ONLY IF player has sufficient skills with it AND right distance/angle/timing. Wracking self, not making it and falling down helplessly(does not work on short distance), or being thrown right into the crowd of monsters are not seldom… So stock Ordeal 2 + Advanced Grapplehook is my configuration.

        Yep, I started playing with Nightmare – because I finished PK several years ago on harder difficulties without mods and recently purchased Black Edition from GOG, and discovered there is a modding scene, and here I am. Nightmare is pretty challenging and its earliest difficulty to unlock the cards (and have the challenge unlocking them). The average map restart/reload count for me to solve the challenge is between … 10 and 40. =)

        Shadow Reborn

        17. August 2015 02:39

        You got that right. Without planning you’ll end up dead and without any condition beaten.
        Well as I said, skip the secrets in the Catacombs time-run. Once that is done, you can easily replay for the secrets and you will have the condition unlocked as well.
        It is pretty easy to quick jump in Painkiller once you get the hang of it.:)
        Yes, I know about the hook. Try not to cheat too much though with it in order to get the secrets. It is helping you out even if it is tough to use.
        That’s good! I hope you will enjoy the challenges and everything the Mod has to offer as you progress. Indeed, Nightmare is the best in order to start unlocking cards for progression and eventually up the difficulty. After you are done with the Painkiller act (played through all difficulties) you can move on to BooH and import your cards and Credits.
        Keep at it and you will feel very satisfied when you manage to complete epic feats!


        17. August 2015 03:59

        I understand what you mean… I mostly use it to get to places reaching which would be really really hard AND would be 1-time chance, like those exploding crates or breaking wooden planks.

        Now I am rethinking about redoing a run without it, perhaps on higher difficulty.. because there are two specific places so far, where absence of hook (or correct cards) mean nigh-impossibility to pass the test – or even to survive. I am sure there would be more similar places ahead, so I might miss some chances to .. fail and learn =)
        These are a) Opera, as player enters the main hall (requirement to collect every single soul, with monsters very often beating each other and chandelier flatting them at some moment). Hook allowed me to attract one ninja at time and then jump over the stage to fence from fireballs of samurai, who start massively drop at some moment.
        b) Snowybridge, moment when door locks behind in a tunnel where cart crashes. With a lot of monsters jumping in AND requirement not to be hit even single time (340+ hp at end), its massively difficult without cards. I used hook to jump out and performed hit-and-run tactics, still it was helluva difficult. At least 100 reloads in that region, quicksaves ofc, two days. Combination of ninjas and samurai is quite deadly. Ninjas are unpredictable, can shoot and can outrun; and samurai self-suicide move does about 50 damage to region. There is nowhere to hide in that corridor..

        Well, thanks for not spanking me! I will try my best to get better =)

        Shadow Reborn

        17. August 2015 14:18

        Yes…conditions are a bit hard especially in the second chapter. As you progress and get better cards and you yourself get better it will be easier. It’s good that you got the card from Snowy Bridge. It will come in handy many times for grabbing other conditions. One condition (later on) is impossible without it.:)
        Well at that part with the tunnel in Snowy Bridge, you should have used cards. Imagine how it would have been if you didn’t go up with the hook? You are meant to stay in the low corridor because monsters get buggy if you somehow get up and the fight is way easier.:)
        You can get hit a few times if you have a golden armor (without failing in the end). Problem is getting all the souls or almost every soul after collecting the megahealth (and you have 250).
        Indeed there several deadly combinations in the game.:)
        No monster can outrun you if you continuously bunny-hop.:)
        Don’t let the samurais self-suicide and shoot them dead when they try to do it. That way you’ll never worry about that move.
        Give’em hell!


        17. August 2015 21:30

        Yes, it was exactly this. I remember everything being more-less cheesecake before that moment. A soul gives 1 hp, even with 150 armor, average shuriken hit damage was ~20. It was hard, it was fun! And I will definitely rerun from clean state, once I get to remember all treasure positions. =) Btw, thanks for the videos on youtube!! Btw, today GOG again put huge discount on drm-free Painkiller Black Edition =)

        Shadow Reborn

        18. August 2015 02:20

        Nice! I like the fact that you enjoy the challenge so much!
        Wow, no shuriken doesn’t do that much damage in Nightmare especially if you have armor, but even one hit sometimes matters in that level.:)
        You will get the chance to rerun everything in Trauma and Ordeal and so on.:)
        You’re welcome, glad they helped! The videos are there for those who really want every single secret. Be sure to watch the ones with Ordeal Mod V2 in title, as they show all secrets: old ones and new ones.
        Interesting, but I already have the Steam full version of Black Ed.:)


16. August 2015 22:21

Okay guys, I have a problem 🙂
I can’t pass requirements for the card unlock in the Cathedral (E01M04) – even if I “milk” the corpses, I still miss few gold pieces. Initially I skipped here, now at E2M06? – “swamp monster”, then returned back. I took all secrets, and … still have ~800 out of 814.

Any clues, pleeease 🙂

    Shadow Reborn

    17. August 2015 00:25

    Hey there!

    Milking the corpses won’t help. There is that part when barrels are falling from above and down the stairs and you might miss some gold in that part. Also, monsters break vases sometimes so watch out for those. You can equip Greed once you get it from Military Base and you can easily beat the condition in Cathedral I guarantee it. Keep at it. If you still can’t do it, contact me on YouTube for further help! This is my channel: https:// www. youtube. com/ user/ revreborn

    Delete the spaces.
    Cheers! Good gaming!


      17. August 2015 00:45

      Thanks a lot for information!

      I knew that monsters try to break stuff, hence I usually try to lure them to me and then shotgun them while backwards circle-strafing. I actually expected my cards (and increasing handling skill) to help me defeat them faster and thus win some time frame between each one, to milk bodies.
      Didn’t know there is such a card, in fact only with your mod them cards start to make sense. =)
      I spend from 2 hours to day in order to progress 1 level, lol. Still can’t make it under 5 minutes in Asylum (with 5:24 best =) ), need more timing. Just finished Swamp Monster with 1:10 (Nightmare) haha =)


        Shadow Reborn

        17. August 2015 01:09

        Nice, you understand how Painkiller is to be played.
        From what I understand you are currently trying to beat Nightmare in the Painkiller act of the game in order to unlock all cards and move on to Trauma right?
        The Greed card was before in the game but was buggy and didn’t do much even if it worked. Now, if you earn it, you will love it.

        It’s ok. Practice makes perfect. Remember that Nightmare is moderate to slightly hard in difficulty and beating the conditions is not going to be easy. If you keep at it…you will do it. I stand by my offer for any further help you can contact me. I like that you persist and try to improve yourself instead of blaming the difficulty.:)


19. August 2015 21:24

I now play Nightmare with unlocking cards and it’s really challenging for me but I love the new card conditions. They are way harder and make you think. I think I will have to comeback with cards later for some of them.
I played through the campaign once when I wrote the first time, but mostly rushed and cheated. Like I said, saw it was worth it and now I want to try and challenge myself through it. No more cheating.
Victor, I really like your grapple hook mod. It’s hard to use, but I will learn.
I will try to make my own challenges and monster changes too after I fully finish playthrough, but I won’t post.
Good game, everyone!


    19. August 2015 22:09

    I’m glad you’re enjoying and playing.
    If you really make your own version for the conditions and other stuff (kind of a mod) you might as well post it, but only if you make it on the original game (not on another mod).
    Good luck with unlocking the conditions.

    Some of them are really hard even on Nightmare so don’t give up.


    20. August 2015 13:45

    You are probably not using my version, my is in the forums. Here on front page is original one, by Dany25 – its not configurable and spams debug messages. =) Anyway, I would use grapple only if you are uncomfortable with default jumping scheme.. Also some moments, like Factory, will require you to reload the situation over and over till you jump into correct spot; where with grapple you are more mobile, if you use correctly. While its arguable which is more fitting, its not arguable that grapple makes game (by definite degree) easier. Which is not always good. GG

      Shadow Reborn

      20. August 2015 14:06

      Well said, Victor! Couldn’t have said better myself.:)
      How is your playthrough?


        3. September 2015 23:07

        The playthrough is pretty hard man but I like it. I finished nightmare and it was a real nightmare. I think I will have to replay b4 i attempt to play trauma.
        I had to return to get all cards.
        Now I play the new levels again. They are pretty hard on Nightmare as well and being only fighting, they really help me improve you know. I like the gameplay a lot. Congrats for that. I used your videos for secrets.
        I will replay nightmare to get all cards as I go. Great ideas for secrets btw.
        Catacombs, cathedral, snowy bridge, opera, abandoned factory, forest(omg), tower(omg), docks. These were my biggest nightmares, hehe.
        Good mod, man ! I learned a lot from the scripts as well. Made huge progress with that too.
        Painkiller is awesome, I hope it will love FOREVER !

        Shadow Reborn

        3. September 2015 23:29

        I’m glad you like it.
        I agree it is a bit hard but then again, Insomnia is slightly easier than the original because some cards actually work now.
        Yep new levels are challenging especially that you can’t use cards in them.
        Well the videos showing the secrets are there to be used by the players if they have troubles so I’m glad they were useful.:)
        Good, get all cards!
        Well you can only play Forest in Trauma so you are safe for now.
        The rest of the levels, well you have to beat them fully to stop the nightmare.
        Thanks for your kind words!
        Good gaming!;)


6. January 2016 18:55

Good mod! Nice to see some1 dedicated to good polish game, Painkiller, and do good content and features.
A lot of buggys i did not know about. Must be very passionat about game to find so many.
Will do more content in future version please? Like more texture and musyka and gameplay change, but not too much because it becoms eye hurt and flashy (like you americans say :)) )

Greetings from Poland, mister Reborn Shadow ! GG men !

    Shadow Reborn

    6. January 2016 20:59

    Hello Dominik.

    I thank you for your praise and kind words. I did my best.
    It is quite possible that more content will follow in a potential future version.
    Haha, nice one regarding the “flashy stuff”.:)

    Good gaming!


22. December 2016 05:08

I feel like I should drop by and say that this mod is completely underrated. I mean yes, it’s not adding gazillion gigs of content(tex,architecture,countless features), it’s not a TC people! But as it is, it’s a nice hard-worked craftsmanship. It must’ve been tedious and required a huge amount of attention to fix all those bugs.
The Ordeal diff is truly insane though. The new fight parts, secrets and monster pals are incredibly fitting with the original atm., which is important since, as I stated, it is not a TC. The demon morph at my will is handy but I would’ve loved to have it in the final diff too, since I figure the Morph is shorter(right?) there anyway and it doesn’t do miracles. So having it handy whenever I want wouldn’t be that much of a cheat.
I know the “New Levels” architecture isn’t new but the gameplay was shockingly good for just multiplayer levels. I applaud the gameplay artist there for creating such well-thought, perilous pathways with a very good sense of progression and direction in those bland circular levels. Kept my interest all the way to see what’s next.
Overall *clap clap* for the entire mod. I rate it 10 (Alastor’s evil laughs) / 10.

    Shadow Reborn

    22. December 2016 14:44

    Hi there!
    I’m glad you fully understand the idea of the Mod as it is! It was indeed tedious and required a slow attentive approach for creating the Mod as it is.:)
    I am thrilled that you got to the Ordeal difficulty, enjoyed it and liked the preserved original feeling! The Morph is indeed shorter in the Ordeal difficulty but being able to store it would’ve made things way more easier, trust me.:P
    We are also very happy that you liked how the New Levels turned out and that you enjoyed playing through their progression.
    Yeah, those laughs are haunting you throughout the Ordeal difficulty, I know.:D
    Thank you once more for your kind, encouraging words.:)

    Cheers! Good gaming!


27. December 2017 02:14

Best modification for painkiller out there. Thanks to the creator for taking the time to make pk much better for free.
I certainly hope for a sequel with maybe more levels and cards and more insane challenge conditions. Maybe add overdose ooor even the other levels that exist from other pks (but with better gameplay cos they suck xD).
The gameplay in the 9 lvls that you added was solid ! Those were amazing indeed.
Happy Holidays!

    Shadow Reborn

    27. December 2017 02:52

    I thank you for your words!
    I’m glad that you enjoyed every aspect of it. 🙂
    More stuff like this is planned and in the works, however it will be a long while until something comes out, if it does.
    Once again, thank you for your praise. Good gaming!
    Happy Holidays to you too.


27. December 2017 02:51

Hi. I encountered a bug where I coulnt ordeal lvl after unlock powers. It was lock.
Good mod overall..but wanna play ordeal probe to. How.


    27. December 2017 02:56

    I don’t really understand what you’re saying. But after unlocking all 24 cards in Painkiller and 9 cards + bonus level from BooH, the Ordeal difficulty should be unlocked. There is no bug regarding this.


      27. December 2017 03:06

      How so many powers. I have to play all probes? I think then one probe was enough, the number three. I see now and stupid. Thank you.


        27. December 2017 03:19

        Yes, you need to get cards from all difficulties, in progression, in order to unlock the Ordeal difficulty.


12. March 2018 18:42

This mod insane in final diff. Found ordeal unlock on some website after some google searching, tried it, failed, uninstalled.
Conditions are good, smart.
Maybe add more stuff on earlier difficulties too, so I can enjoy.


    12. March 2018 21:57

    Perhaps you shouldn’t have dived right into Ordeal difficulty , so that you don’t get owned.
    There is enough content on all the difficulties. Ordeal difficulty is only for dedicated players that have finished progressively on all the other difficulties.


      13. March 2018 00:13

      No cos nearly not enough stuff, on the first difficultyes just conditions.
      That’s why I tried to play last difficulty. Also, I beat original game a thousand it’s not my fault is so hard.
      I played all mods for this game too and no problem. Maybe don’t put insane numbers and put features instead.

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.