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This is a little Painkiller movement guide dedicated to new players. It explains some moves with the best jumps and tricks on the popular maps. What you learn in this tutorial is not so hard, but remember the great words: easy to learn, hard to master!

1. Bunny hopping

Bunny hopping is the basic Painkiller movement technique in which a player jumps repeatedly, instead of running, in order to move faster. This technique is easy to learn. An act of pressing the jump key while holding a movement key to move faster and to evade attacks more effectively. Using the bunny hopping is easier to jump to some places on maps.

2. Rocketjumps

In Painkiller rocket jumping is the technique of pointing a rocket launcher at the ground or at a wall then firing and jumping at the same time. The rocket’s explosion propels the player to large heights and distances, reaching places not normally accessible. One downside of this technique is that the rocket blast usually injures the player; this can be coupled with further damage if the player falls large distances to the ground. In PK a well executed rocket jump results in a minimal damage, and a larger boost. An important thing in Painkiller is to move in the air. The RJ is the very popular technique to reach armors and another items on Painkiller maps, what you can see below.

3. Jumping

Jumping is not so difficult skill to master in Painkiller. It looks very simple but it’s not ever that easy if you want to do it correctly. It is often an undervalued skill of gaming. When you have got good movement skills you will be able to move faster to your objectives and even more importantly, you will be harder to hit.

4. Grenadejumps

An alternative way for rocket jumping is the grenadejump. It’s not so easy like rocketjump. To make this trick you have to grenade’s firing and jumping at the same time. It’s the very useful trick if you’re good in this and you’re without the rocket launcher.

5. Changing directions

Sometimes you have to wait some seconds for respawn of armor or another item, better than stopping at item’s place is keeping speed by using changing directions. This requires rhythmic jumps and mouse movement.

6. Combinations of the rocketjumps

You can mix the rocketjump with grenade or jumppad, then your jump will be higher, so you can be faster there where you want. Maniacs can try to do big jump by rocketjump + grenade + jumppad.

7. Jumppads

To reach some items use a jumppad which makes the long distances between them go much quicker. Using the jumppad before the long jump player need some speed. Aircontrol is a Painkiller typical thing were you can control where you flying. Great example is using jumppad on DM_1v1_meatless.

8. Telerocketjumps

Telerocketjump is an original feature of Painkiller. Run to the teleport and before that start the rocketjump, after exiting the teleport your speed in air is higher and you jump on longer distance, not so low like classic rocketjump. Check the video below for knowledge what you can do.

9. Running

Now you know what is the telerocketjump. You can use that trick to reach a big speed and make a long jump like in this video from the DM_Blink.

10. Quick turns

One of the awesome Painkiller features are quick turns. Press Fire+Back+Jump. Switch from Back to Forward while in the air and turning 180°. When jumping backwards press Forward+move the mouse at 90° and move Back+Jump like in last scene of video.

One thing is obvious, movement is not all, you should learn things also about tactics and control.

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.