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This mod change the total monsters for all levels of original Painkiller and Booh, except Boss Levels, read below for more info:


*Added 2x and 4x feature, so that original levels will have 2x or 4x default monsters
*Fixed LoonyPark: now the train is a little slow than before and monsters will never disapper
*Fixed also Mines level, monsters that you haven’t killed when you was on the wagon will never disapper, you can kill them all after the last monster, just go back!
*Fixed Monsters Spawn and Monsters Count for bugged levels: Babel, Forest, Docks, now you can kill them all without problem!


*Monsters type, spawn locations, spawn time, delay between each spawn etc. have default values (so sometimes can be boring, sometimes can be very hard (or fun) with tons of monsters
*Some levels can be bugged for spawn inside wall or outside of level (caused by monsters collision), monsters can also spawn above each others like a tower
*I haven’t touched mini bosses on some levels like Cathedral, City, Lab, because levels are too small for multiple huge monsters

###Installation Guide###

In the installer version I’ve included the original LScripts files of 1.64 version, the pak with modded levels plus the “Custom level loader mod v2“.

In the “pak” version, you have only the modded levels into single pak file, so you need to install the custom level loader separately, to be able to play them.

If you have problem with shortcut, this is the correct one:

"..Bin\Painkiller.exe" -lscripts PKInsanityMod.pak

If you have used just the modded levels pak file, this is what you need to add to the “loader.lua” or into “local.lua” file.


Remember that the InstallPath for the installer is the Main Painkiller folder, NOT Data folder.

If you have just the levels pak file, copy it into Data folder, and remember to install the “custom level loader” and config the files. More info here.

Have fun!!

Mod made by Peppins (Mr.X)

Thanks to Ultragamer for Custom level loader.


Download: PK InsanityMod 1.0 Auto Installer
(PK InsanityMod 1.0 Auto Installer, 12.6 MiB, 378 hits)

Download: PK InsanityMod Modded Levels pak only
(PK InsanityMod Modded Levels pak only, 3.9 MiB, 304 hits)

Without Monsters Default Monsters 2x Monsters 4x Monsters


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.