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Dany25 made a little modification on the painkiller weapon into a grapple hook. Check this in action.

Download: Painkiller Grapple Hook
(Painkiller Grapple Hook, 4.1 KiB, 748 hits)



17. November 2010 06:21

It doesnt work as well for me as it does in this video 🙁


17. November 2010 16:30

It is not easy :]


    17. November 2010 18:23

    I have noticed that the higher up my grapple goes, the higher off the ground i go. I had opened up the painhead.lua to see if there was an obvious setting adjustment in the configure / script, but … well … i dont know that much 🙂 !! (not yet anyhow, am eager to learn)


9. December 2010 13:58

I am getting the hang of it, and love it


10. November 2011 02:23

This mod is pretty fun, here is an video that show you how it works (best):

Guetouache Kada

4. July 2012 00:06

is it work only in pk black edition cause id deosn’t in pk ost.


15. June 2015 23:41

Hello! I have created Advanced Grapple Hook mod, using your mod as base.
I hope it gets submitted here! I have credited you where I could, Dany!

My mod expands upon yours and allows to adjust acceleration barrier , -“- boost and set -“- barrier for the hook.

Kind regards and thanks for your mod!


    15. June 2015 23:43

    “allows to adjust acceleration barrier , -“- boost and set -“- barrier for the hook.”
    Typo – acceleration factor, acceleration boost and acceleration barrier, that is.

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