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Megalomaniac the former community manager of JoWood is now a part of Nordic Games who bought the assets of JoWooD and DreamCatcher including Painkiller. He posted in the steam forums about the future of Painkiller more specific about a Painkiller sequel. Asking the community what you would like to have in a new PK game.

We want to continue successful IPs and Painkiller is among those.
In order to do it right we want to hear your input. I would be glad to hear your suggestion about possible new Painkiller titles.
PS: There is no guarantee that we will make use of any ideas at all. But good ones have high chances I guess

How do you want the game to look like? Leave a comment under this post or on the original post.

  • Paindemonium

    That they WANT make a continuation its not mean that will be PK2…  Im still waiting for concrets.

  • Dead

    Still worth replying to that thread, if you ask me.

  • In that case, even Painkiller: Overdose was a sequel and Painkiller 2 (related to Painkiller Daniel’s mission) and in some part technically. 😉

    On the other hand, only Redemptions is supposedly to be true Painkiller 2, as sequel to Battle Out Of Hell and Overdose as old Painkiller spirit in theme and style, it’s legacy. When Coop module with MP will be added, and completely new maps and chapters will be added it will fit to earn that “2” title in pure sense of meaning. Also is still developed by fans and with community support.

    Only Resurrection is completely independent spinoff, side story. The only good of this shit is that spawned our great one Redemption, what brings Painkiller back to developers from Poland and people who care about PK with passion and ideas and know what is this all about.

  • Dead

    I despise labeling games as sequels when they’re actually not much more than an expansion pack. And this is not just for Painkiller.

  • Sadistic_Centurion

    I just hope that if they do decide to make a PK 2, they don’t decide to change it and make it like every other shooter out there. Don’t fix what’s not broken. Personally, my favorite thing is the level design and environments. 

  • Greentechb

    if someone makes a new pk game, there must be secrets at least some 3-5! in old pk the secrets were very hard, nowadays they’re very simple in mods. for me this is a necessary option o:

  • Gryzor

    Well, I think it is important not to forget all the aspects that made the original PK successful, such as the impeccably designed maps, atmospheric (importantly – diversified) environments, exceedingly clever secret places and all-round stellar frenetic meat shooting action. But still, I think it is time for a fresh start, so that means dropping the Pain Engine and all those old assets that have been warmed-over time and again with the recent PK additions. 

    I don’t want to lose the gothic tone in the visual style, but aesthetically the new game should feel distinctly different and ultimately unique. I don’t know about the financial concerns, but maybe licensing something like Chrome Engine 5 could be a viable idea, since I feel it gives a good compromise of graphic quality and performance on modest hardware – but more than anything else it would be beneficial to shake things up and inject some freshness, maybe move things in some interesting new directions. The most important thing though is to have experienced artists and designers that can gauge what made the original game work so well.

    A weapon upgrade system could be interesting, maybe tougher guardians could drop souls that were absorbed by the weapon you are wielding, so you gain some sort of upgrade or new alt fire mode. I liked the idea of upgrade paths in Hard Reset, but I didn’t like the idea of shifting modes constantly on two weapons – Tedium.

    Maybe a new PK could have new enemies, but also tweaked reimaging of some of the old stalwarts. Possibly the enemies could operate in a manner like insects – with drones being standard enemies and bosses being like queens, and maybe the different clans could attack one other and this could bring forward a kind of strategic element.

    In terms of plot, it is time to give up on comic strips. We need decent rendered cut scenes and also decent writing to go with it. If that is not possible, resign the story to the manual – it worked out all right for Doom.

    Finally, don’t bother with console versions – concentrate on making a good old-school shooter for the PC that is well optimized and sells at a reasonable price point . . . people will buy it.

    • Quote: “Maybe a new PK could have new enemies, but also tweaked reimaging of some of the old stalwarts. Possibly the enemies could operate in a manner like insects – with drones being standard enemies and bosses being like queens, and maybe the different clans could attack one other and this could bring forward a kind of strategic element.”

      This sounds too much like an RPG. Please do NOt take offense when I say this, maybe I am missunderstanding what you were trying to imply.
      If you did something like that, with insects, I think it would take away the whole Gothic Zombie / Demon “First Person Shooter” feeling, and I believe that is what make Painkiller stand out so well from other FPS games. Even though there are a lot of cool FPS games being produced out there inthe gaming community, PK is still the most original.

      • Gryzor

        With the insect idea I didn’t want to add unnecessary complications, just sort of a Boss fight strategy. You remember in Doom how you could antagonize the monsters to fight each other – so I was thinking along those lines except in my concept all the monsters don’t have a common goal, some are protecting the Guardian, while others sort of just came into the fray. So in essence one could turn the different types of monsters against each other, leaving the player free to fight the Boss. BTW, I got the idea from reading about the Beta version of Bioshock, which described the various enemies originally having a collective Hive mind structure, so I just kind of threw it out there . . . I guess it really isn’t that good an idea. 

        I love Painkiller just as it is as well, so maybe we just need more of the same matching the quality of the original and BOOH    🙂 

        • Aah, ok, I understand now. Speaking of, even now in PK, if you happen to run between the monsters when they are shooting at you? sometimes, if they shoot at one of the other monsters by accident, they will shoot at eachother lol. I have seen this commonly with the bikers 🙂 Also, I don’t know if you had ever played Quake 2, but this is VERY common with the enemies, actually pretty funny. My son and I used to do this to them just for laughs, while we hid behind something, lol.
          Ok, glad that you replied to my reply, I understand better of what you were inplying. I have often thought that when you have a castle ( which is very often in all versions of PK ) that maybe if there was Gargoyle statues gaurding them, and they can come to life at some point to fight you, OR even fight WITH you, that would be pretty cool I think.

        • Gryzor

          “I have often thought that when you have a castle ( which is very often in all versions of PK ) that maybe if there was Gargoyle statues gaurding them, and they can come to life at some point to fight you, OR even fight WITH you, that would be pretty cool I think.”

          Yeah, this happens in Blood, a great old horror FPS using the Duke 3D BUILD engine, don’t know if you’ve played it. But I also think this would be a cool idea for PK though    🙂

  • Gryzor

    My post went screwy, not sure why

    • lol, it happens sometimes here, depends on  how much traffic there is at the time of your post. Sometimes takes a long time to refresh.
      Anyhow, no I had never played it before, sounds realy cool though.

  • Knightsmash56

    Add similar stuff from bullet storm like sliding and a weapon upgrade system. Also please make it come on consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360. Looking forward in your future development in the game. Thanks.

    • Hellen

      Yeah, sure. Also add to the list auto-aiming, inability to jump, controls for physically impaired kids with Down’s syndrome, auto-regenerating health, system of covers, experience points and level ups, and then ask yourself: is that Painkiller we love and cherish? Is that an oldschool hardcore FPS at all? You twelve year olds amuse me, I swear to God! =) 

  • BigBadDad

    Love the hordes of enemies, the atmosphere, the level design, the Tarot cards, the music (Metal For Life!) and the INSANE difficulty.
    What I would like to see improved is the hit detection, body dismemberment and small enemies.  Also, some of the weapons I hardly use, unless I’m low on ammo with the primary ones I use.Hit detection and Body Part Dismemberment:Give them the ability to crawl.  If you take their legs off then they could still have the ability to drag themselves to physically attack you or fire from a “sitting” position.  It allows some strategy for the player, slow down some of the faster guys by taking out a leg or two. 🙂 It should free up level design too.  I’ve noticed that some levels and corridors are designed to try to prevent the player from being able to use the Cube.  It’s an awesome weapon and fun to use but as it is it’s to easy to fire off the Cube against a wall then hide in a corner and watch as bad guys go down.  Even if you cut off their toe they still die.  Head-shots anyone?Small Enemies:Swarms or waves of smaller enemies would add more strategy for the player and create more dynamic Boss fights (Gryzors comment).  I can see where some of those weapons that I hardly use would become extremely useful all of a sudden.

    I’m over 40 and an old school shooter die-hard.  After some convincing, my kids are realizing how much better a mouse and keyboard is over a controller (Agree with you Hellen, “flick” shooting is sacreligous).  I love the PK series and it’s shortcut will always be on my desktop.  Thank you to the developers for continuing this outstanding game.

    • WOW !!! Well put. I to am over 40 (46 to be exact, and a grandpa :O ) I love the way you think, and I will FOREVER have a PK shortcut on my desktop as well 🙂 Do you have a YouTube account? If so, what is it? here is mine.
       I am in the process of making my 3rd PK Red video, using my band’s music. It is taking me a very long time to complete it, because …
      1: I have become full time grandpa for a while (so limited on time to do anything) and …
      2: I am trying to bring our music up-to-date. It is old stuff, and seems to be lacking some excitement for me. So most of my time as of now is spent on the re-mixing of the songs and adding Orchestra and some more Growling back-up vocals. (only about 2-3 hours a day, lol)
      Once I have learned all the “How-To” stuff for my PC Recording Studio, I would love to assist in writing music / soundtracks for any future PK Games. As of now, our music is of not good sound quality. Does the word “Casette Tapes” ring a bell ?? LOL. That is all I have of our stuff, it is from early 1990’s. CD’s / Digital was out of reach for our pay checks at that time.
      Ok, enough about me. I am glad to see that I am not the ONLY old fart here 😀 Love it. Keep it up eggtooth team and all other developers for PK. You guys are my heros 🙂

    • Leviathan

      YES! Very good ideas

  • Gryzor

    I think a cool new weapon would be a gun that rapidly shoots out stakes with a rotating barrel mechanism, something akin to an old style Gatling gun in operation. The alt fire could shoot a super-stake from a central barrel, and when it penetrates an enemy,  timed released cluster bombs spew out of the butt-end of the stake, after which the stake detonates into one bigger explosion – good for clearing out groups etc.

    • OUCH !! 🙂 Sounds realy cool, but perhaps maybe a weapon that isn’t so easy to get.

  • Doomwolf555

    i think they have to make new effects like realtime world shadows hdr, new, reflections pk engine looks nice but it’s already very old so

    • PK engine has all these features if you didn’t noticed. 😉

  • Searinox

    more blood more mess more bodies more weapons more hardocre metal the original painkiller feel

    • WOOT!!! on the “More Hardcore Metal”  😀

  • Artasscorp1984

    Because of kids like Knightsmash56 we will never have a proper Painkiller.Over the 8 years of Painkiller existence new a kids generation rose, influenced by GARBAGE games like Bulletstorm and Gears Of War, they now think that Painkiller should be done in that same BS sophisticated console-driven direction. I am afraid there won’t be a proper PK2 if the devs won’t realize that PK2 should be done only on PC and as much simple as possible.

  • Leviathan

    Agreed. I think what PK2 really needs is better physics for monsters, objects, and weapons… and for this we need Pain Engine v2.
    I want to shoot oil drums and then ignite the spilled oil (all over enemies, objects, environment, etc) with the flamethrower. And also extinguish fires with the freezer.
    I want to pin an enemy to the wall without killing him- he will still shoot projectiles or squirm! Then his monster friend comes to pull the stake out and throw it back at you!
    Ammo should have physics too, so we can knock it off of high ledges and send it flying with explosions. 
    And fixed vibrating arms, monsters running in the air, bodies pinned in impossible positions, etc. Basically PK2 doesnt need console crap or feature creep, all it needs is an improved engine and a fresh set of weapons, levels, and monsters. Of course a new engine should mean better graphics too 🙂


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.