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After 7 hours of straight PK action we have a winner. Germany sk1p beat Poland cue-ek in the final with 2-0 in map score with quite an intense last map. The VOD is available here.
[spoiler show=”Final scores:” hide=”Final scores:”]
DM_1v1_Meatless: 16-7
DM_Sacred: 14-11

Final Standings:
1st Germany sk1p
2nd Poland cue-ek
3rd/4th Poland asmo
3rd/4th Poland kaszanka
5-8th Russia 3DiMoN3
5-8th Poland WTO
5-8th Russia SlavOK
5-8th Poland MasPingon
9-16th Poland Lunat1c
9-16th Bulgaria revenge
9-16th Sweden GoReY
9-16th France bongzilla666
9-16th Poland HV
9-16th Russia irReleVanT
9-16th UK Zulphrr_
9-16th Canada crono
17-24th Poland Lordbalet
17-24th Germany mousestar
17-24th Portugal Insan3
17-24th Mexico isawgoddie
17-24th Germany Jeralulz
17-24th Germany Sp1eler
17-24th Germany v1rus
17-24th Hungary Horvi


Original Article:
Its been a while since the last Painkiller cup and with the new upcoming game Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, the moment is well chosen to host Painkiller Forever Duel Cup, hopefully this wont be a good bye cup but a celebration to a new beginning in the Painkiller series.

If you want to participate but don’t have Painkiller you can download PKlite a free version of Painkiller that contain only the multiplayer version of the game and the latest patch (1.64), you will also need a CD-key all you have to do is enter your email on this site, you might aswell want to check out PK++ a mod that let you edit your hud, settings and many other features.

Also if there is enough north american players of signed up, we can split to a EU and NA Bracket.

Date: Sunday, the 26th of August 2012 @ 18:00 CET
Game: Painkiller 1.64 and Pk++ 1.3 Mod
Mode: Single or Double Elimination, depending on sign-ups
Match-Mode: Best of Three untill Grand Final (Bo5) with 10 minutes timelimit
Servers: Matches should be played on EU servers
Sign-Ups: Open until the cup-start
IRC: #painkiller on quakenet

Stream: TBA
Links: Cuppage | Sign up | Participants // #painkiller on Quakenet and Webchat

Previous Cups: Just Play Duel Cups 1&2



9. August 2012 13:32

i think 10 minutes limit is mostly enought


    9. August 2012 18:13



      9. August 2012 19:01

      thx man and another question about server choosing. How it should work? Players must discuss and choose best match or referee do that?


        10. August 2012 09:03

        players have to find a server with both players have equal ping, if not referee will decide


24. August 2012 23:33

Have fun!


27. August 2012 00:15

super nice cup we need to make another one on pkhd release date 🙂


27. August 2012 07:23

skip? realy?


27. August 2012 12:06

hahaha.. another needless tourney, Sk1p will win ever because it have better connection and better powerful PC. For next games i bet 1000€ on this rating:1st Sk1p 2nd AndySyS 3rd killua-chan……. Good bye


27. August 2012 16:50

sK1p, congratulations… again ^^

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.