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The Painkiller Big Mod is a conversion of the Singleplayer Levels of Overdose for Painkiller 1.64. You are now able to play all Overdose Levels with the original PK Weapons.

All Maps:
* C7L1_Cataclysm
* C7L2_Desert
* C7L3_Ragnarok
* C7L4_Dead_Marsh
* C7L5_Black_Tower
* C7L6_Slaughter_House
* C7L7_Village_Of_The_Damned
* C7L8_Field_Ambulance
* C7L9_Asteroids
* C7L10_Sky_Island
* C7L11_Riot
* C7L12_Castle_Wolfenstein
* C7L13_Air_Combat
* C7L14_Agoraphobia
* C7L15_Japanese_massacre
* C7L16_Old_Movie


* Painkiller (Minimum 1.5 Patch)


* Unpack
* Copy folders Items, Levels, LScripts, Maps, Models, Music, Scripts, Sounds i Textures to C:\Program Files\Painkiller\Data

How to start:

* Run PK
* Please click: “Sing the Pact” => “Painkiller Big Mod” => “Trauma” (for example), watch (or no) movie & select level

Big Mod:

Download: Painkiller Big Mod
(Painkiller Big Mod, 902.1 MiB, 2,061 hits)



11. April 2015 13:54

After i install PowerMad, unpack PainkillerBigMod data in Data folder of Painkiller: Black Edition, i run the game and go to Sign The Pact and both the Painkiller And BigMod have Overdose levels. Please fix this!


15. June 2015 09:57

This is an alpha-quality mod.
a) Menus are broken. Author did not reprogram the built-in problem of PK/BooH/BlackEdition that rely just on one boolean variable to pick the levelset (game.addon). He released menus broken, so PK are disabled with mods and one should edit the level script in HUD to switch levelset. Having no lua knowledge I have fixed it in just 4 hours, but
b) The catacomb level set from C7 (first map of the set) has numerous errors and complains about uninitialized variables. Basically the map crashes the game as soon as it loads.

Painkiller BlackEdition + 1.65 patch here.


    5. January 2017 21:37

    I should have asked years ago but, how did you get it to show levels properly?

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.