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This is my Mod for Painkiller: Battle out of Hell. The game is great as it is, however, even with the last patch applied (1.64) some bugs still remain unsolved. I took  the challenge to fix those in this Mod.

Besides fixing bugs and omissions, this Mod changes some aspects of the game. There will be new Tarot card conditions waiting for you as well as new Secrets in a lot of levels, some Tarot cards are stronger and work in combos however, most of them are more costly than before…but they’re worth it. I encourage the player to try to find as many Secrets as possible (both old and new), especially the Holy Items.

  • A new card is now available in BooH. Very efficient, however some work is required to get it:). It will serve you well.
  • A new difficulty is now available. Harder than Trauma, with a lot of unique changes, clever and deadly enemies , with a more unforgiving system and some modified levels, this difficulty will provide a good challenge. You’ll have to prove your worth first before playing it:).  For those who still can plow their way through Ordeal…there is a surprise waiting for them, one that may provide them with enough challenge in the future;).
  • Dynamic Lights have been integrated too. Thanks to Sviatoslav for initial porting of those in Painkiller: BooH.
  • The Scoreboard has been enhanced to better fit the new Tarot card conditions.
  • For those interested, the installer will place a complete Changelog in the Painkiller root folder\Ordeal Mod useful documents folder;).
  • Ordeal Mod needs Powermad 3.62 to be installed beforehand.
  • The Mod is available in English, Polish, German, Romanian (the game as well as the Ordeal and Powermad Mods where fully translated) and Spanish.
  • Please uninstall any other Mods (except Powermad) before installing the Ordeal Mod. It is highly recommended you also empty your SaveGames folder located inside the Painkiller root folder.
  • For more info on how to install the mod check the archive for the Ordeal Mod- Installing and Uninstalling.txt file:).
  • Have loads of fun with this nearly perfect project that took around 6 months to complete:P.

Download: Ordeal Mod
(Ordeal Mod, 8.6 MiB, 638 hits)

For those who have Painkiller: Black Edition please download and copy this file OrdData.pak located in the Data folder of the game. Do this AFTER you have installed the mod and everything is set. This should be the last step.

Download: Ordeal Mod for PK Black Edition
(Ordeal Mod for PK Black Edition, 1.2 MiB, 461 hits)


A video showcasing some of the Mod’s changes:


A newer version of the Mod is available here:




9. April 2011 19:02

Hello Shadow ReBorn.nnWe need people to work on PK:Redemption. If you want to work with us, please write here. We need some help with scripting. Thanks in advancennDominik ‘Eggtooth’


9. April 2011 19:13

We will also tell you all required things. Please help us, we also want to make PK:RED good game (if it’s worth your help 🙁 )

Shadow ReBorn

9. April 2011 19:32

Hi Eggtooth, you must know I’m not a professional programmer.:)nEverything I did in this Mod I discovered myself after I got neck deep in .Lua. I’ve also read here and there for some stuff but generally it was me alone for the concept, programming and implementation.:)nI don’t know exactly what help you guys need, but I just completed this long project…which I did for free of course and right know at least for a few days I need a break:)nI’m interested in your offer however, I don’t know exactly how I could help though:P


9. April 2011 19:38

We need this better difficulty you did, this card, and maybe some work with Bullet time, and Touristic game difficulty.nnAbout Touristic difficulty:n- Max Player Health = 200n- Health Regeneration to 200n- All armors Goldn- Possibly some fixes.nnContact me: nSTEAM: Eggtoothnxfire: bangg22nSkype: eggtooth2

    Shadow ReBorn

    9. April 2011 19:46

    Ok…I’ll add you at Skype and we shall talk more…


9. April 2011 19:47

Okay, please add me now :)))


9. April 2011 21:01

this is so great Shadow ReBorn. I like that there is still modders that working on old painkiller games!!!


11. April 2011 02:01

Why no Russian Language?

    Shadow ReBorn

    11. April 2011 08:50

    I had no friend familiar with Russian….Sorry:(

      Shadow ReBorn

      11. April 2011 08:52

      You can play the Russian version…the game will work fine, however the new stuff will be in English…


12. April 2011 08:09

I can to translate into Russian.

    Shadow ReBorn

    12. April 2011 10:18

    Well it’s already out man…also you need to be very well versed with English…and there are quite a few to translate.nI won’t be releasing an update for this sorry…Thanks for your info though, I’ll keep you in mind concerning future releases if you’ll be available.:)


13. April 2011 05:27

Ok, if you have a next job, which can be translated into Russian, I can help. 🙂


13. April 2011 20:45

Not so important thing.n”All fires in the Town level now hurt(more or less)-use caution.”nFor example: why no need caution in the Cemetary?

    Shadow ReBorn

    13. April 2011 21:09

    It’s important to know the fires burn…some quite a lot…previously absolutely no fire on the Town level burned the player. Caution is of course recommended always. I’m curious how far you got in-game:)

Shadow ReBorn

18. April 2011 20:02

An Admin please paste the following in the main Mod post:):nFor those who have Painkiller: Black Edition please download and copy this file “OrdData” located in the Data folder of the game. Do this AFTER you have installed the mod and everything is set. This should be the last step.nDownload link:

Henito Kisou

19. April 2011 00:00

I also noticed little thing: Rebirth card when right-clicked it shows Demon morf card. 😉

    Shadow ReBorn

    19. April 2011 07:20

    Oh man…that sucks…that’s only in Black Edition since it’s not fully compatible with it(even with the new patch)…I will hopefully release another patch in the near future that will address this and others…Hope there are no more problems.


20. August 2011 10:16

Please leave your contacts “Shadow ReBorn “; i need to speak with you!

Or somebody please give me his contacts


11. August 2012 10:59

I would like to try this mod, but i want to start playing on ordeal mode mode ASAP, and not replay trauma a hundred time again. Possible or not?

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