sK1p June - 19 - 2009 Patches8 COMMENTS



  • FIX: Freezer bug
  • FIX: Dead bodies bug
  • FIX: Gold Armor bug


  • FIX: If a certain path is taken you can’t proceed (Docks) is fixed.


  • FIX: Items now disappear correctly.
  • FIX: Demon morph mode is recorded in demos.
  • FIX: Sometimes demos were playing with incorrect speed.

NOTE: Version 1.64 can be installed only on PK ver 1.62 or 1.63.

Download: Painkiller Patch 1.64
(Painkiller Patch 1.64, 6.4 MiB, 9,952 hits)

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  • LucYan

    coool! thx

  • Psycho

    hi i have a problem i get 3 errors on map c1e03 catacombs afterwards the game works but question is do i need a new patch or something so i wont get errors (character errors)

    • Shadow ReBorn

      Have you installed the previous patches too? They need to be installed in the right order: 1.61, 1.62 and finally 1.64. I assume you have Painkiller and Battle out of Hell installed prior to patching.

      • Psycho

        i have painkiller with no expansion and the patch is this one ultimate patch for painkiller

        • Shadow ReBorn

          Well I don’t remember anymore which patches work for the original Pk only, but as far as I know that ultimate patch are just patches 1.61,1.62 and 1.64 all is one. I don’t think these work with the original. Try reinstalling the game and don’t patch it if you don’t have BooH too.

        • psycho

          ok thanks well i just receive the errors and then the games continues after a period or so but i’m glad it works


    Hi i installed the lastest patch 1.64 and i want to start an LAN game not online but offline with a cable and i can’t please tell me what to or how to solve the problem


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.