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Poland Paindemonium just released his new Fragmovie Pain Paradise II: The awakening of the pain.

In the end we came to this important point, which is the culmination of work on the latest fragmovie with Painkiller. He was a little noise at the beginning of the engagement, several news ago, because of his lack of work stopped until the Ye-Back began to send me a recording from the perspective of the viewer many good players. Quickly decided to do a new fragmovie, but with time, the material took on blush, I stated that this will be my sequel to the well-known manufacturing Pain Paradise.

The film takes more than a decade and a half minutes and the frags were quite densely woven into a complex tangle of many visual effects. As many have complained that the liquidity surplus materials, it was decided that the frags will be recorded on live (especially to those requirements I bought up to 500 giga of free space to help the Ye-Back during recording). Well, there are also disadvantages in the form of visible, Yehuda, and no obvious giwera, but I think it will make up for another change. Well, this time it’s fragmovie fairly large scale, in terms of visual effects that zgrywają perfectly with the music in the background but does not destroy the quality of watching a really excellent fragów such players as AndySys, sK1p or other caught the murder carried out with deliberately among us and recording. As for the graphics again, with the help came to us BARMAN2005, who tried to made a great logo and outlines disc with packaging. As a bonus throw in a wallpaper in various resolutions.

After quite a period of hard work, assembly of 3 months with breaks for the session and science student, I am pleased to bring you the Paradise Pain II: The Awakening of the pain. Likewise, to watch these films, I recommend to download K-Lite Codec Pack, due to a format that was best suited to preserve the quality of its weight file. Video can be downloaded in three versions of quality.


Download: PP 2 Best Quality
(PP 2 Best Quality, 607.5 MiB, 30 hits)

Download: PP 2 Graphics
(PP 2 Graphics, 3.1 MiB, 91 hits)

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.