greentechb January - 18 - 2013 10 Comments2,544 views

The player has to fight for his soul in an old, factory like complex, survive the waves of the demonic creatures of hell. This level is a difficult one, it supposed to be the part of the Fallen Empire Map Pack which was released some time ago. This is an old conversion level of mine, i started working on it about 3 years ago. It […]

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sK1p January - 18 - 2013 2 Comments2,210 views

Satan Claus is coming to town (or “Trainstation”, rather) in the brand-new (and free) Anti-Christmas DLC for Painkiller Hell & Damnation Tim Burton brought you “The Nightmare before Christmas”, whereas I kindly deliver you the nightmare AFTER Christmas, ho ho ho! It all takes place in the reworked map “Trainstation” where you can enjoy that Anti Christmas spirit in all its gory glory. Remodelled enemies, […]

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sK1p January - 15 - 2013 5 Comments1,975 views

It’s been a while since we have seen some fixes for Painkiller: Hell & Damnation. Today a big patch got released. Look below for Changelog. So go ahead and fire up steam… On a sidenote, the console version of PK:HD for PS3 and Xbox is confirmed for 5th April 2013. CHANGELOG Balancing: ———– Grenades in multiplayer fly faster, fixed bug with possibility to overtake your […]

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Shadow ReBorn January - 9 - 2013 6 Comments2,421 views
Daniel Garner

Some people might remember Ordeal Mod, published more than a year and a half before. Version 2 of the Mod will leap Painkiller and BooH one step forward. Since there are dozens of bugs, in Painkiller BooH or Painkiller Black Edition, this version irons out 99% of them with the exception of a few un-fixables or map bugs. This version also fixes bugs present in […]

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sK1p January - 8 - 2013 4 Comments3,103 views

As we all know we rarely have an opportunity to play something new for PK game. Known map creators Lexar & str_ghost published a really fresh singleplayer map called Labyrinth for Painkiller 1.64. This map takes you into the world of narrow pyramids filled with monsters. Click download and check the map, it’s free. Requirements Painkiller 1.64, Powermad 3.62. How to start the map: Install […]

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sK1p December - 18 - 2012 46 Comments6,991 views

Update 2: WE HAVE A WINNER! After exactly 19 hours of playtime LORDBALET wins BNM 5. Congratualtions. Update 1: The Marathon just started. Password on IRC. Every participant has to join the IRC Channel #painkiller on quakenet (click here to join) The servers to play on will be: Killer Play – Playground – xWAW BNM V – On 16.01.2009 was held the […]

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HV December - 11 - 2012 65 Comments15,793 views

Yesterday Havcom published an information on about his new mod called Painkiller Reload. Havcom: For a long 4 years I was creating a mod for the Pain. In its creation I was trying to combine all the best of what I saw in all the addons for Pain after BooH: – a new “design” menu, – a new HUD in several different ways, – […]

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.