sK1p August - 19 - 2009 2 Comments7,838 views

Jowood just released a new Presskit on there Website for the upcoming Gamescom 2009. It contains a new WIP Packshot, 10 New Screenshots, 2 Artworks and a Q&A file.

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sK1p August - 14 - 2009 3 Comments3,463 views

The new Painkiller Fragmovie by HV, Prelude, is out now. Featuring Players like AndySYS, sK1p, YANS, medic, MPK|Darius, HeGe, MPK|ZWIASTUN, k1||u@-ch@n, wuShu, Sp1eler & many more. The frags had been recorded from spectator-view during this year, mostly from Duels.

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sK1p July - 16 - 2009 14 Comments7,357 views

The french guys PrimeviL and OriOn are working on Pk++ at the moment, as the PK++ Sourcecode is availabe for free. They are known for the PROverdose Mod for Painkiller Overdose. While Blowfish is busy working on Painkiller:Resurrection, this is a good thing to prepare for it. Blowfish also want to implement most new features of PK:R to Painkiller 1.64 after the Release. The new […]

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sK1p July - 14 - 2009 3 Comments3,496 views

The german Gamesite had a chance to talk with Homegrown Games about Painkiller:Resurrection.
Infos in this video: […]

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sK1p July - 10 - 2009 7 Comments3,439 views

Grand Final Vo0 vs fatal1ty

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sK1p July - 10 - 2009 Add Comments2,539 views

Short Video of SteLam playing vs Wombat
4K|Zaccubus vs Daler
SK|zyz vs 4K|Zaccubus
fnatic/Ztrider vs fatal1ty
stermy vs SK|zyz
Lower Bracket Finals fnatic/Vo0 vs SK|zyz
Upper Bracket Finals fnatic/Vo0 vs fatal1ty
Grand Final fnatic/Vo0 vs fatal1ty + Closing Ceremonys

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sK1p July - 10 - 2009 Add Comments2,139 views

Grand Final Vo0 vs fatal1ty Recommended Videoplayers are Media Player Classic with the newest Codecs or the KMPlayer

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.