sK1p January - 5 - 2010 1 Comment5,853 views

Dear Painkiller Crowd, we are happy to announce that a patch is online at the autoupdater, eliminating almost all issues mentioned by you and reviewers. So much was redone, created and overworked for this Patch that we call it internally “Resurrection Reloaded”. However, let me please first apology for the bugs that were present in the release version. In the end of the developement cycle […]

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sK1p October - 21 - 2009 6 Comments10,229 views

Update 22.10.09: Taken from the jowood forums – We are very happy about the feedback concerning the demo but we are also sorry because we accidently released an old demo version. We really feel sorry for that. Next week we will release a demo version in the actual quality of the final game. So stay tuned and sorry for the inconvenience. […]

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sK1p October - 15 - 2009 Add Comments2,373 views

JoWooD and Homegrown Games just announced that the game gone gold today. It is going to be released on 27th October 2009. A downloadble demo should be available “shortly,” according to publisher JoWooD. Supported by an actual catholic priest, the story evolves around a Dante inspired purgatory scenario wherein our hero has to struggle for salvation. After blowing up a bus of innocent children Wild […]

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sK1p October - 1 - 2009 1 Comment2,802 views

Painkiller:Resurrection is now available for preorder on Amazon. You can select on the official website, on which country you want to order. Release Date is the 27th October, 2009 and the price is EUR 29,99.

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HV September - 24 - 2009 4 Comments6,485 views

1. Introduction – This is an article about how to install, start & manage a Painkiller Dedicated Server Version 1.64 on Linux OS. Needed files: Painkiller Linux Server 1.62, Painkiller Linux Server 1.64 Update. Additionally this article tells you how to install PK++ on a Linux server. For the start you need basic knowledge about Linux to install […]

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sK1p September - 18 - 2009 1 Comment3,719 views

The Official Webiste of Painkiller:Resurrection got updated with some Screenshots/Artworks and Videos.
In the Video you can see the Weather and Physics Effects which are new in PK:Resurrection. On the Artworkspage are some Pictures of the Storyboard and an Artwork of the already known Undead Pirate Jack. Also there is a HighRes Pic of William “Bill” Sherman.

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sK1p September - 14 - 2009 6 Comments4,120 views

Update: As the empeka site is down since 1 week. This is now the new official site of the BLACK / NIGHT / MARATHON III. Also there is a mappack right here. T ears will fall and this time a new record? Can someone give an advice to play more than the previous editions winner MPK | Darius with over 44 hours? F ingers crossed […]

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.