sK1p October - 23 - 2011 6 Comments4,781 views

This mod brings Painkiller in the world of Doom. It contains weapons, powerups, items and some special features from Painkiller.

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HV October - 12 - 2011 15 Comments5,549 views
Painkiller Redemption

Painkiller: Redemption today has been updated to version 1.05f what means that in addition to certain changes in the end we lived to the first promised free DLC. On behalf of the team would like to apologize that it took so long. DLC was ready to release already 3-4 months ago. The problems of the brand owner, who was later bought out, was a reason why it was so long.

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greentechb September - 13 - 2011 4 Comments5,611 views
Damned Shelter

New single player map created by GreenTechB, another Necrovision multiplayer map conversion. A dark place, under the surface, where lots of german soldiers died, waiting for you to explore. Be careful with the evil necromancers, free the souls of the cursed demons, and find the German’s hidden treasures. Attention! DON’T SAVE THE GAME IN THE MAP! The game will crash with a script error, you […]

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sK1p August - 7 - 2011 3 Comments6,237 views

For the first time speed demos archive has relased a painkiller speedrun which was made by Artas1984. This is the second PK speedrun in history, with the first being made by rj19 in 2006 which was not accepted by sda. Author’s comment: This is an individual level run. Videos are 800X600 pixels, 25 FPS, except boss levels are 1024×768 pixels. The goal was to finally […]

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greentechb June - 6 - 2011 12 Comments12,506 views

New single-player level for PK 1.64 with a very individual looking. It isn’t a conversion, it’s a full new map made from wooden platforms with foggy atmosphere. My friend, Fable created this one, but i added some corrections and effects to it. It’s just a beta version there are some bugs in it, which i’ll fix in a short time and there will be more […]

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sK1p May - 22 - 2011 1 Comment3,897 views

A funny video by SlavOK about bugs. It’s an old game, but not all know all the chips in this game, that had not yet opened a lot of bugs, such as NRJ, Mouse bug (Balet). Have fun!

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P&C Games May - 18 - 2011 38 Comments5,849 views
Painkiller: Epic War C10L9_Deathland

Painkiller: Epic War is based on PainEngine v.1.64. In fact, it’s not a modification, but a completely new game made by P&C Games. Painkiller: Epic War will be available to download on 29 july 2011. Epic War will include 10 levels. These are a few images. Watch a movie which includes a little screenshot pack of Painkiller: Epic War.

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.