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Update: The cup is finally over with Germany sK1p winning in the final with 2-0 vs Hungary AndySYS. VODs can be viewed here. Bracket

Final Standings:
1st Germany sK1p
2nd Hungary AndySYS
3rd/4th Germany n i s m o
3rd/4th Poland Cue-Xo

Today we announce the upcoming oxid Painkiller Duel Cup. Teamoxid is providing a livestream. Sign-ups are already open so hurry up!

* Date: 29th January 2011
* Start at 14:30 CEST
* 14:00 Check-In in the cup irc channel
* Slots 16 (may increase if more players sign up)
* Best of Three
* Final Bo5
* Timelimit: 10 min
* Proplus and Rocketfix enabled
* Single Elimination
* The first map is forced for all rounds. Next map is losers choice.
* Matches are going to be played only on German Server.
* Whoever fires grenades or other projectiles after everyone is ready will be disqualified.
* The use of cheats, maphacks or third-party-tools is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate disqualification from this cup!
* All players has to be in the official irc channel #painkiller.cup (easiest way here)

Mod used:

* DM_Sacred
* DM_1v1_Meatless
* DM_Absinthe
* DM_Psycho
* DM_Blink

First map:
Round 1: DM_Psycho
Round 2: DM_Absinthe
Round 3: DM_1v1_Meatless
Round 4: DM_Sacred

Sign up here


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.