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Some people might remember Ordeal Mod, published more than a year and a half before.
Version 2 of the Mod will leap Painkiller and BooH one step forward.
Since there are dozens of bugs, in Painkiller BooH or Painkiller Black Edition, this version irons out 99% of them with the exception of a few un-fixables or map bugs. This version also fixes bugs present in Ordeal Version 1.
This and a lot of new features like controllable Demon Morph (be able to keep your morphs in until needed), new lights and dynamic lights for Souls and CheckPoints, a slightly improved level atmosphere (nothing too fancy since the main goal is the gameplay), even more secrets, balanced and a lot of card unlocking conditions (usually two per level), a massive improvement of the Ordeal difficulty since Version 1 was only a blueprint, Ordeal difficulty will feature changed level parts apart from the general Ordeal difficulty changes themselves, modified map selection menu of the BooH game chapter, new HUDs to choose from and an enhanced level experience provided by the Bonus level in BooH make Painkiller BooH Ordeal Mod Version 2 into Painkiller Perfection.
The changes above are only a small part and those of you who are curious will check the Short Changelog when the Mod will be released and those who are really into seeing behind the scenes for every single change and fix will check the Detailed Changelog.
The Mod fully supports Black Edition too and will be available in English, Romanian, German, Polish, Spanish and Russian.
I can’t say the exact date since there is still a lot to do and it may get delayed.
I’ll see you guys then…;)


The Mod is out, check out this post!




10. January 2013 01:40

That’s awesome!!! I can’t wait for version 2 to be released and try out all the new features, since version one was so great. Keep up the good work ! 🙂

    Shadow Reborn

    10. January 2013 01:53

    Much appreciated! I hope you’ll like it when it’s done.:)


10. January 2013 15:14



12. January 2013 15:46

Romanian language woot ^.^

    Shadow Reborn

    12. January 2013 16:45

    Yeah, well I’m Romanian.:)

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