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Fatal1ty vs. relic

Taipei Computex
Taipei 101 Building
Spark Night Club
June 6, 2013

Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, with a record 12 World Titles, contested in an unprecedented 5 different games is undoubtedly the world’s most successful video gamer in history.

However, in recent years Fatal1y has declined to compete professionally. Instead he has focused on promoting video gaming globally via his anointed role as Gaming Ambassador, while concentrating on his Fatal1ty Gaming Gear enterprise.

But times change, and now, “Fatal1ty” has been challenged to a special Painkiller 1v1 competition by his former sparring partner Kyle “relic” Mims. relic has called Fatal1ty out, and at stake is much more than personal pride and bragging rights – OCZ has stepped up and committed a prize of NT$300,000 to relic … if he is victorious.

Johnathan Wendel often likes to state that “FATAL1TY MEANS GAMING.” With that said, Fatal1ty has answered the challenge, and will take on relic at Taiwan’s landmark Taipei 101 building on Thursday, June 6, 2013.

In his first professional match of consequence since 2007, will Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel be ready to live up to his title as the greatest gamer in history? And obliterate relic?  -OR-  will relic be able to do it again?  – And beat Fatal1ty? … And take home a prize of NT$300,0000.

A Bit of Back Story

In 2005, the granddaddy of all video gaming leagues, the CPL hosted the year long Painkiller World Tour. The tour was the first ever contested globally and included nine international stops. The World Finals were held in the New York City, and televised worldwide on MTV.

In preparation for the tour, Team Fatal1ty set up a boot camp training center and invited numerous top level professional gamers to spar against Fatal1ty on an around the clock basis as a way to test Fatal1ty’s command, accuracy, and consistency and to hone his Painkiller in-game technique. One of these sparring partners was “relic”. Fata1lty recognized relic’s skills immediately and brought him in as a trusted ally and sparring partner to enhance Fatal1ty’s attack game during the ongoing training sessions. Fatal1ty had worked consistent training sessions with all his sparring partners to prepare in advance of each tour stop to ensure his focus was at maximum. Then, the inevitable finally happened, during an intense training session, “relic” beat out Fatal1ty and became the only sparring partner to ever beat Fatal1ty in Painkiller to this very day!

As They Say, the Rest is History

Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel harnessed his incredible competitive fire, via his legendary training regimen, and went on to win the 2005 CPL World Tour Grand Finals, while adding the Painkiller World Title to his career record … With that win, Fatal1ty took home the largest first place purse in video gaming history. AND on that day in December 2005, Fatal1ty was awarded USD$150,000 (NT$4,500.000).

And … to this very day, relic has always wondered if that could have been him!

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