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Jowood just released a new Presskit on there Website for the upcoming Gamescom 2009. It contains a new WIP Packshot, 10 New Screenshots, 2 Artworks and a Q&A file.

Painkiller Resurrection

WIP Packshot

new city

new city

scene flash

scene flash





rainy death

rainy death



Download: PK:R Press Kit
(PK:R Press Kit, 17.0 MiB, 117 hits)

Painkiller: Resurrection Q & A

1. What is Painkiller Resurrection? A Sequel or an AddOn?

Painkiller Resurrection is the next installement of the Painkiller Franchise, and basically it`s a spin-of, telling the story of a new Character, William „Bill“ Sherman, who lands in purgatory after messing up an asassination job and killing the target, dozens of innocents and himself. You won`t need to have a previous version of Painkiller isntaleld to run the game.

2. Story? Painkiller is shoot em all only?

No, it isn`t. Despite of being known for fast and hard action, Painkiller always had a solid background story in place. This time the story is of course far more important, and the storytelling throughout the game will be pursued further. We as Hoemgrown games would also like to poitn out that Painkiller wasn`t „shoot em all“ only – at least the Black Tarot can be considered as tactical element.

3. So the Painkiller Resurrection gameplay is the same like in the previous games?

It is similar, but with one huge difference: The old concept consisted of coming into a room, watching all doors being closed or locked anyway, killing dozens of spawning foes and progressing aster the last one of them hit the ground.
We may have some passages that play similar, but we have also huge, open areas that you can roam as you want, with certain tasks you have to fulfull there in order to progress in the game. It`s not an RPG, it`s not loaded with puzzles like an adventure, but for sure you will have more to do than hitting the fire button.

4. How about the weapons? Are you using the old ones, the Overdose Weapons or totally new ones?

We have re-used and tweaked the most beloved weapons of the series. And we`ll ad an unique tool of slaughtering to it on our own.

5. What about Engine improvements?

We`ve worked on all aspects of the engine, from render system over shadows / lightening and implementing latest shader technology to polishing the netcode in order to ensure we get the 4-players-coop work fluently. In most parts, the engine has been reworked, we therefore call it the PK 2.0 engine.

6. What about the playtime?

If you are a real crack and starting in the easiest difficulty level, you`ll be through in 4-5 hours.
If you are a casual shooter gamer and try on the hardest, you will most likely need 30 hours to complete, most of the time seing the death screen.

We count upon 10 – 12 hours for an average shooter player on an average difficulty level.

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.