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It has been quite some time since the last big release of a Painkiller game. Mods coming out rarely. Who knows maybe there is gonna be soon an announcment for Painkiller 2.
Russian fans disagreeing to wait that long. They started to develop a new mod for Painkiller, but on a new Engine not the rusty PainEngine. At the beginning they had a lot of problems with programming and other things. Have a look for the first screenshots.

The Team is still searching for help, as they are just a few working on the mod. So if you want to help them, write a comment with your contact details.

  • Greentechb

    i want to help is possible, but i am sure i want to have a look at this engine or the ideas of this mod. everyone can find me at or in xfire in the name of greentechb ūüôā

  • Zhekashka
  • Hellen

    I’d like to add that we simply need people with good imagination/creativity for collective idea generating. If you have your vision of the game, if you have your thoughts about levels/monsters/weapons we’ll gladly hear it out from you!
    So don’t be shy and step right up!

  • Let me know if you guys need any music

    • Hellen

      Of course we need music! Leave your contacts

      • Oh, I have already given them to Eggtooth, so he has them already. I am also working on new stuff right now. have one for non-battle all but complete now.

  • Rastokeros

    podria ayudar con dise√Īar nuevas armas??
    tengo muchas que les podrian servir

    yo hablo espa√Īol ¬†=(

    • Rastokeros

      could help design new weapons?I have many that they could serveI speak Spanish = (

  • snipe

    i ‘m sitted and waiting for PainkilleR 2 i will only go sleep when it comes out ! x)

  • this is my¬†painkiller¬†page¬†where¬†designs¬†up¬†new weapons and¬†monsters:

  • Artas1984

    Facebook is not a place to discuss things about Painkiller – P A T H E T I C!!!


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.