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The Mega Fix Mod 2.0 by Eggtooth for Painkiller: Resurrection is now available for download. This is the unofficial patch for this game. One of the changes introduced in the latest version is to reduce the level of difficulty, while more demanding of players I want to warn you that Eggtooth announced a small fix called High Voltage Pack, which will be dedicated to ambitious players, and significantly increase the difficulty level.

[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”Changelog of Mega Fix Mod” hide=”Changelog of Mega Fix Mod”]

  • Xbox-Style Weapons!
  • New monsters from old PK! (repleaced mini-golem!)
  • New Haunted City music!
  • High Seas Blur Decrease
  • Haunted City and Hangar new effects, and all monsters now have teleporters!
  • Closed Map system
  • Better Map Design
  • New Weapon
  • Fixed Clipping and view distance and fog on some maps.
  • New Music
  • Deleted some Bill and Angel Voices.
  • Now Shotgun is on first map,
  • Added two teleports on the most annoying parts of the map (first map – Cathedral), this makes game better, and Cathedral map are no more annoying…
  • New Main Menu background
  • New Loading Screen
  • Fixed Levels
  • Added Some Level Effects (Fire etc.)
  • Fixed Checkpoints
  • Cutted (little) Haunted City Beggining.
  • Fixed Clipping Distance
  • Monsters are coming from portals, not appear suddenly
  • Fixed monster spawn places
  • Some Weapons are easier to find
  • Fixed Level Start positions…
  • More Ammo
  • More Items
  • More Armor
  • Added walking monsters
  • Difficulty Scaled Down
  • Changed texture of soldier from orange to red
  • Scaled down difficulty level, added walking monsters (not all, a little)
  • Changed texture of soldier from orange to red (hope he fits now perfectly)


[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”Installation of Mega Fix Mod” hide=”Installation of Mega Fix Mod”]

  • Go to the folder named bin (where you installed PK Resurrection)
  • Run Resurrection Updater
  • Change language (REMEMBER – before this step look at your game and if you have ENGLISH just change to english because if you change to wrong language you can crash your game!) and check your version in Main menu (MUST BE 44!)
  • Unpack files from archive, (300+ MB)
  • Go to the unpacked files
  • Copy all folders and PAK files (folders: music, Levels, Lscripts, textures, souds, etc. and PAK FILES:, soundslocalized.pak)
  • Paste all folders and PAK files in the DATA folder under the BIN. (IN DATA, NO SUB-FOLDERS!!!)
  • Overwrite all files when asked. There will be crated also some folders important to game
  • Run game, and if main menu has different colour and monsters are coming from portals at the beggining or there is no Bill Voice- MOD IS RUNNING!)
  • ENJOY!


Download: Mega Fix Mod v2.0
(Mega Fix Mod v2.0, 161.8 MiB, 2,532 hits)



7. March 2012 17:26

Hi Eggtooth,
tnx for this mega fix pack…i’ve found it very usefull…but…if i would play the game vanilla using only the “monsters spawn portals” fix…which files i should use from your pack??? tnx in advance…


7. November 2012 18:42

Config your server correctly, idiot! It cancels the download.

Георги Гърков

13. February 2015 17:35

does anyone know how to get the 1500 gold? I found the 3 holy items and literally circled the place and im stuck at about 1208 gold and it says the map has 1700+ gold??

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