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Just Play Duel Cup #1

Final Standings:
1st Hungary AndySYS
2nd USA Chiefin
3rd/4th Germany sk1p
3rd/4th USA dodson
5-8th USA meb
5-8th Poland HV
5-8th USA StormdrainStebe
9-13th USA ozzy-k_slipknot
9-13th USA mcbrady
9-13th USA TLR
9-13th USA forGG
9-13th USA Dead beat

Semifinal 1 – Chiefin vs sK1p »

Semifinal 2 – AndySYS vs dodsoN »

Grand Final – AndySYS vs Chiefin » English VODs »

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Just Play Duel Cup #2

Final Standings:
1st USA Chiefin
2nd USA coveryfire
3rd/4th USA crono
5-8th USA XrCisM
5-8th USA Stebe
5-8th Poland Hyper-Cue_X0
5-8th USA Inithis
9-15th USA ozzy-k_slipknot
9-15th USA DarkstaR
9-15th USA Exzi
9-15th Russia SlavOK
9-15th USA meb
9-15th USA venim
9-15th USA mcbrady

Grand Final – Chiefin vs coveryfire »

Russian VOD by eThaD of » English VODs »

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