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The Cup is finally over. AndySYS taking the victory over Chiefin.

Final Standings:
1st Hungary AndySYS
2nd USA Chiefin
3rd/4th Germany sk1p
3rd/4th USA dodson

Full Bracket | VODs

Semifinal 1 – Chiefin vs sK1p »

Semifinal 2 – AndySYS vs dodsoN »

Grand Final – AndySYS vs Chiefin »

Update: Stream will be available here

Original Post:
With duel cups popping out quite rarely these days and the last one being held on January 2011, it’s time for fresh blood coming this month.
USA Thresher is bringing you the Just Play duel cup for the NA community. Of course you are free to join as an european, you would just have to deal with high ping. will be providing coverage and gonna stream and cast the whole cup.
All matches will take place on the server ( in Dallas, TX. PK++ 1.3 Mod is required. Have a look at the Cup Page for additional Rules. Visit the official cup page for all informations you need.

Date/Time: Sunday November 27th 2011 – 2pm pst/5pm est(time is subject to change)
Client/Server: PK++ 1.3 | Update
Game Mode: Duel
Type: Best of 3, Single Elimination
Server Settings: Proplus and Rocketfix Enabled
Time limit: 10
DM_Sacred | DM_Absinthe | DM_Blink | DM_1v1_meatless | DM_Fallen2

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  • Bibbsemail

    Will be fun

  • HV

    Good Luck To All

  • AndySYS

    “The Cup is finally over.” <- Indeed, it was really hard staying up all night! :DDDD
    So I just like to say that thanks all for playing, casting, hosting, cheering, and all that, and thanks sK1p for his final hints! ;D Congrats to all! GGs!

    • Hellen

      Gratulanok! Biztos jo jatek volt!

  • HV

    Sorry guys, here was a f***king storm and I lost electrical power, so it’s why I didn’t play ;/

    Congratulations to Andy!


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