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This is an interview from Michał neoXs Owczarek talked with Dominik Eggtooth Włodarczyk and Paweł Paindemonium Przepióra who worked on Painkiller: Redemption. From the interview you will learn that the planned cooperative mode is for 4 people and a free multiplayer mode. In comparison to previous versions of the game, many things improved technical and tweaked graphics engine. The authors also mentioned about the mysteries of the gameplay,  are also known plans for support on the game after its release.

neoXs: Welcome guys! In the start say what are your roles in the Redemption project?

Paindemonium: Hello. I’m the author of the story. I’ve created also cutscenes between levels in this project. Additionally I deal with promotion  of Redemption. My contribution isn’t so great like Eggtooth’s.

Eggtooth: I’m the leader of this project. I was programming of all levels. I wanted to do perfect maps. I invented the story, which Paindemonium improved, because the first story wasn’t so interesting. So I am responsible for 90 percent of the game

neoXs: So that’s many responsibilities, a lot of work.

Eggtooth: Yes, everyday some hours I was thinking about the maps, although those were ready. I devoted much time to learn the LUA language. It was a tough work to fix the austrian code.

neoXs: How did come the idea of this game?

Eggtooth: Originally it was a mod for the very poor game Painkiller Resurrection by HomeGrown from 2009. At that time I wanted to create a survival’s modification with using only one map DM_Sergio_Outlander. It was supposed to be a mod in which players fought a battle with thousand monsters on one map ,then there was more than one thousand tree hundred. The idea of the name of game is from the alternative ending of Resurrection, when Bill redeems sins. There was that word.

neoXs: What can you say about story of Redemption?

Paindemonium: The story is my idea. I wanted to connect all Painkiller’ games to one story. After Battle out of Hell next parts of PK were published by another developers. Next Studios added a next  hero to the game and a new story. So I created one big story about war between Hell and Heaven and about characters Daniel, Belial, Bill and Sammael.

neoXs: What’s new in PK Redemption?

Eggtooth: That’s the question to me. What’s new? Nothing. This game is dedicated to people who want to relax after a hard day’s work. Now there is a bit more monsters

Paindemonium: Bit…

Eggtooth: Well, somewhat, that’s it. We’ll kill on maps thousand monsters. This game is in Serious Sam’s style, no story, no nothing, only slaughterhouse. This is to give a joy. There is also improved game physics which wasn’t in the last part of serie, for example body can destroy object.

neoXs: Tell us about optimization, graphics and music.

Egggtooth: What can I say about that… This is a six years old engine.

neoXs: So graphics is same like the first game?

Eggtooth: Essentially there are some changes. Maybe in future I’ll compare the graphics in the first game and Redemption. Players will notice sharper textures, a bit better dynamic shading. Now the game looks a bit better. Now there are weather changes like in first PK. A rain is a good example of changes (fourth level), it’s more realistic now. The game works perfectly, loading of the levels is short. There is a stable high fps.

neoXs: OK, tell us about music.

Paindemonium: So music is a long story. There were many problems. The first idea was that my friends will do the music. Unfortunately, they lost the ability to record. Next try was the music of the swedish band Valley of the Dead who created the music to Chronicles of Riddick. It was the hope for good music and good cooperation, but we lost the contact after two months. Accidentally met a man on the internet on Youtube. It was a funnny animation with good music. His name is Mikołaj VMP Birek. He behaved professionally and began making music, sounds like music from the first Painkiller.

neoXs: We talked about singleplayer, what’s about multiplayer? Will be there some news, new gamemode? Properly will be there multiplayer?

Eggtooth: This question is to me, the reply will not be nice. On release of the game Redemption will not include the multiplayer, because the multiplayer was most bugged, and JoWooD don’t  want release with that. After the release (about a month) I want to release free for all addon as separated game  using first Painkiller engine, which will not include the singleplayer. It will be supporting with adding new things. I hope that it succeeds.

Paindemonium: You will have to pay for basic singleplayer, of course next DLCs will be free.

neoXs: Are you planning the Coop mode?

Eggtooth: Yes. One of the Coop modules will include a campaign originally from the first game for 4 players.

Paindemonium: That what will release now is just foundations of great building. This project is from fans to fans. We gladly take  fans  to our team who want to work with us.

neoXs: What happened that JoWooD was interested this project?

Paindemonium: All started with a new polish publisher of games FonoGame. They contacted us with JoWooD.

Eggtooth: FonoGame has helped us. First idea was to add Redemption to Painkiller Pandemonium edition. In 2009 I started working on MegaFixMod. At  this time I met Reinhard Pollice from the JoWooD and Ivan Ertlov from Homegrown, they helped me a lot. At this time was an idea to add my patch to Resurrection as official update. The mod is not supported now, the last version is 2.0. In June 2010 began conversations with JoWooD more precise, because they received a beta version of Redemption, then this game wasn’t so good like now. They saw how the engine of Painkiller Resurrection can be fixed. We cooperate to this day and that will result the release of Painkiller Redemption.

neoXs: How long will you support the game? What can players expect?

Eggtooth: I want the game to keep it alive long time. Support will continue two years, maybe three. I want to release a lot of DLCs. Week after the release will be shared the official soundtrack. I want to do frequent updates I guess two, three months after the release will be available free DLC with 4 levels for second chapter of game. And 1 month after the release should be published multiplayer, which is doing by JoWooD.

neoXs: When the world heard about the game there were a lot of bad, critical voices, especially in Poland. How do you comment that?

Paindemonium: I was surprised when on 2nd February JoWooD officially announced Redemption. Hundreds of websites reported that the new Painkiller is coming. I know, the criticism is huge. It was obvious that will. I understand this. I regret JoWooD didn’t mention how is creating this project, from fans for  fans. In fact, this project has created by seven people. We’re ready to add new people to the team who can help on various matters like programming, modelling, musics, animations. I hope that in future Redemption will develop to great game. But through JoWooD more people will hear about our game.

Eggtooth: I understand that some players may don’t like us now, but they don’t know what is this game. often they don’t want to understand.

Paindemonium: I know that people will criticize multiplayer maps which are used. We wanted to showcase the potential of these maps, because their style was never used in any other Painkiller games. It turned out that it was a good idea.

Eggtooth: I promise all DLCs will be free what is not popular for another games and developers.

neoXs: To summarize, don’t criticize until you don’t play. I hope that you and we will be proud of this game. Thanks for the interview.

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6. February 2011 15:09

awesome i’m looking forward to the future releases like the coop mode. seems like a great new addon for our beloved painkiller!


6. February 2011 20:38

What they say is really cool, I hope the game will be a good one. I say, I liked PK Resurrection and I hope this will be good too.


7. February 2011 02:38

It will probably be realy good. I liked all of the PK games and additions, and I know that Eggtooth is realy smart with developing, because he has dealt with the actual fan and player side, so he is familiar with what kind of bugs there have been in the past, and his efforts and results were great. I have a lot of faith in this whole project.
I especially like the idea of coop mode and maps. I remember when I used to play Quake 2 and Quake 3 all the time, and multiplayer was fun as free for all, death match, capture the flag, etc., but In my opinion, in Quake 2, fighting the monsters WITH friends was much more fun.
Anyhow, I am realy looking forward to this next creation of PK 🙂



8. February 2011 10:56

just heard about it now i will wait for this game but i really hope that it will be good. it seems that every painkiller game was less good than the one before. the first one was awesome the expansion pack for the first one was good, overdose was ok painkiller resurrection was horrible in every way.


8. February 2011 10:56

just heard about it now i will wait for this game but i really hope that it will be good. it seems that every painkiller game was less good than the one before. the first one was awesome the expansion pack for the first one was good, overdose was ok painkiller resurrection was horrible in every way.


10. February 2011 08:10

yes, just like Asafs17 said…pk edition needs some new basis, with graphic and the story, all these other try-outs are meaningless and should be considered as a mods for a small group of people..


12. February 2011 18:57

Eggtooth, Paindemonium, thanks for coop mode in multiplayer.

[…] affair, currently listed by GamersGate at only $4.99. Developed by a team of modders, Redemption was initially conceived as a mod for the dire <a href="http://www.sha… Share and […]


16. February 2011 11:57

Guys… dont be so quick! Multiplayer module will be add as DLC (free) to this game by 3 moths from the premiere of the game. Why? Becouse we give this work to special guy ho will repair all of errors/bugs and add some other good stuff. We want to make realy good working multiplayer, minimum as good as 1.64 from first PK. If Multiplayer will be repaird, with it will add a working COOP module like in Resurrection, but this time will be working without bugs and errors. Actualy at start we give you a new campaing made from multi-player maps with new hard metal music, thousands of monsters and realy hardcore gameplay. Before Multi will come out, we planed to add some new maps for campaing made from another multiplayer maps and even made from start. Some of maps in multi got stilization that we never seen in singleplayer, so why not to use them? 🙂 Also thx of this, engine of game have better optimalization and works faster when you have on the screen more monsters :).

We want to show that few fans without good money can made better game than Resurrection was 🙂


16. February 2011 19:44

It’s going to be released this month right? Are we gonna see any official trailer?


17. February 2011 11:00

Trailed made by me will be released in premiere date on steam… dont ask me why Jowood dont want to add it before premiere.


17. February 2011 21:00

just browsing youtube and see this, it is look official trailer and not fanmade. It looks so great!!! (i also post it in jowood forum)


17. February 2011 22:08

nice trailer !!


22. February 2011 13:02

Its unofficial… Leak. Rusians ehh.. and tis old… there shuildnt be there info about COOP cuse it will be added in futire. We working on Multiplayer sistem to work without bugs and errors.

Murphy Salamnk

1. March 2011 13:26

Painkiller is one of my faovourite games off all time, and after PCF fell for bankruptcy I was very sad. Overdose and resurrection were horrible games, they destroy the franchise. Now that BUllestorm has been released i hope PCF do a painkiller 3 or something, to return to good days!
Hate jowood,hate dreamcathcer, so you better do a great game! purchased it today on steam.


    1. March 2011 14:34

    Murphy, I want to say : NOT my intentions to offend you with my following post, please understand this.



1. March 2011 14:31

Painkiller is one of my all time fav’s also, EVEN with Overdose and Resurrection. I disagree with you by implying that those games ruined ANY franchise. Heck, Resurrection was a “Fan Created Addition” to PK if I am correct. And, so you know, Redemption IS great in my opinion. I think you shouldn’t be so critical to any of these developers and such, whether it is Jowood, Dreamcatcher, PCF, or ANY GAMES ( example – BulletStorm) for that matter . The way I see it, these people / companies are creating, which is more then I can say for myself, but maybe one day for me though. My point is, that when you said they BETTER do a good game, the truth is whether you like the game or not, many other people do, and always will. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so critical, there are nicer ways to say if you like a game or not. As the saying goes, “Try to put yourself in there shoes for a minute” and think of how much time and creativity is put into creating a game of this genre level. I think that even if bankruptcy does completely go through, and there is no more Jowood, DreamCatcher, PCF, etc, guys like Eggtoth and his dev team are sure to make it possible for Painkiller Legacy to continue.

I am truly sorry if I offend you Murphy by saying this, NOT my INTENTIONS by ANY means, but I too was a little offended when I read your post. I mean, look how long it took to be able to release Painkiller Redemption? It was no easy task, and Eggtooth does not even work for Jowood, he took this matter into his own hands and presented an offer to Jowood to help get Redemtion off the ground, if I am correct.

In closing, I wish to say, on behalf of all the PK Gamers who will agree with me :
“Bravo”, “Cudos”, and “Congrats” to ALL who was involved to the production, and THANK YOU for making it possible for all of us PK Gamers to continue with our “Painkilling Journey” 🙂

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27. May 2011 11:01

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