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This Tutorial was written by Russia Maxim.

This instruction applies to 3ds max 7. If you have other version, then actions may differ.

1. Importing *.mpk to 3ds max.

Workflow is as follows: converting *.mpk to ASCII and further importing an ASCII file to 3ds max. As known, 3ds max has no ASCII importer. Therefore, you must install this plug-in. In order to install, copy asciiimp.dli to your_path\3dsmax7\plugins directory. At 3ds max startup, an error message may show up:

Error code

Error code

If so, then extract these two DLLs to your_path\3dsmax7 directory.

Convert *.mpk file to ASE format with mpk2ase.exe: < mpk2ase mapname.mpk >. As a result, there will be created:
1. MapName.ase: materials, geometry and the 1st UV’s.
2. a maxscript file providing the 2nd UV’s (mapping coordinates for the lighting maps).
3. Obj.txt: a list of the mesh-objects and its lightmaps.

The import is done in two steps:
1. Create a new 3ds max scene, import MapName.ase (go to Menu->File->Import…, and choose ASCII Scene Import (*ASE) file type).
2. Run (Menu->MAXScript->Run Script…).
After that, 3ds max scene will contain whole PK map.

2. Getting back the map into Pain Engine format.

Export scene to *.ASE file format (check the boxes in the export dialog as shown below).

ASCII Export

ASCII Export

Convert *.ASE to *.mpk with ase2mpk.exe: . Run blend.exe in the same directory with *.mpk file (*.mpk must be named dm_temp.mpk) and Obj.txt file. The last move associates meshes with the proper lighting maps.
Note: Commonly, each *.mpk mesh has only one lighting map. However, some of the maps (instance DM_ExMortis) has the meshes with more than one lighting map. Blend.exe works correctly only on the maps where every single mesh refers to one lighting map.

Rename the resulting dm_temp_blend.mpk to original map name. Now the map is ready to be running in Painkiller.

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9. September 2015 18:37

When I’m importing the map in 3ds Max, it appears without textures. Could you please clarify, is this as it should be or am I doing something wrong?

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