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  • Maps consist of three things.
    • An mpk file in \data\maps\ (geometry and texture references generated from Maya)
    • A levels directory in \data\levels\ (generated from PainEd)
    • A texture folder in \data\textures\levels\xxxxxx where xxxxxx is identical to the mpk file name. E.g. if you have DM_Q1DM1.mpk, the textures must be in \data\textures\levels\DM_Q1DM1.
  • MP maps MUST begin with DM_ (case sensitive)
  • CTF maps with CTF_
  • PCF maps with DMPCF_


Hold down right mouse button, and use WASD keys

  • To enter the game press F
  • To maximise/minimise the screen use F10


  • Open Pained
  • Open the properties page.
  • Pick the mpk file from the Map field
  • Set DirLight intensity to 0
  • Set Fog as required, linear, with colour and density set. (I believe fog lowers FPS slightly, but it looks nice).
  • Set Ambient light colour to white or light grey. Default is too dark.
  • Add at least ONE respawn point from the items GamePlay templates.
  • Now Save All with a new file name


  • Items are added from the templates page, either double clicking, or right click and Create Item. If you cannot find things, most of the gameplay items (such as quad, respawn, teleports, jumppads) are in GamePlay.
  • Items are selected holding down shift and clicking LMB on them.
  • Selected items are dragged holding down shift and LMB, while clicking on an axis and dragging it in the direction of the axis how far you wish it to go.
  • Selected items are rotated holding down shift and RMB, while clicking on an axis and dragging about the axis how far you wish it to rotate.


  • Firstly turn on box thingies to see respawns and teles
  • Add a teleport from the templates list. Use shift+lmb to select, shift+lmb to drag using an axis and shift+rmb+dragging about an axis to rotate.
  • Add the destination point using PlayerRespawn template class. Position it using shift+lmb to select, and ‘x’ and ‘z’ to rotate spawn direction.
  • Rename the PlayerRespawn to something like T1Respawn, and back in the teleport properties, open up



21. August 2011 18:26

Is this web page broken?  I only see text down to the line starting “Rename the PlayerRespawn” under TELEPORTS.  It ends with the words “open up” and that is all I see.

    Shadow ReBorn

    29. August 2011 18:29

    The page is ok. Try another browser.

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