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Satan Claus is coming to town (or “Trainstation”, rather) in the brand-new (and free) Anti-Christmas DLC for Painkiller Hell & Damnation

Tim Burton brought you “The Nightmare before Christmas”, whereas I kindly deliver you the nightmare AFTER Christmas, ho ho ho!

It all takes place in the reworked map “Trainstation” where you can enjoy that Anti Christmas spirit in all its gory glory. Remodelled enemies, new sounds, new music (“Jingle Bells” on steroids, if you get our drift), some environment changes, and an altered path to stake through will make you ask for more.

I even upped the challenge of destruction for you to progress through: besides the usual disposal of anything that moves, you also have to destroy all of Satan Claus’ presents to get to the fat old bastard’s chamber and steal his hat in Single-Player and Co-Op. Achievement “Satan Claus” included…

Here is the link to the free slaughterfest:

All the best from Purgatory!




20. January 2013 23:17

“Anti-Christmas” 😀

Philthy Hanlon

24. January 2013 21:52

If only one was able to get the rip of the new metalised Jingle Bells that’d be so awesome

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