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Ghost Town is a new level for Painkiller: Black Edition released some weeks ago. The map geometry was made by Russia Miling. Gameplay for this map was programmed by Russia EmoLevelDesigner.

Authors’ information:

[spoiler show=”Authors”]

Environment art, Level Design, Prop Placement – Miling

Gameplay Scripting, Ambient Sound Placement, Skydome Placement,
Additional Prop Placement – EmoLevelDesigner

[spoiler show=”Installation and Launch”]

1. Extract this archive to your Painkiller Black\Data folder, overwrite files
with matched names.

2. Launch Painkiller, start a new game. Ghost Town will be the first level.[/spoiler]

[spoiler show=”About this map”]

I enjoyed Painkiller game and played all custom maps I could find.
Further search led me to “Map Exchange” forum of site, where
people post maps which others can use as bases of their levels. That’s where
I found great map Ghost Town with excellent architecture and amazing atmosphere.

The author started to design gameplay, but unfortunately, he never finished it.
I liked this map so much that I decided to design the gameplay myself to finally
let players properly experience this location, not just walk and look around.[/spoiler]

[spoiler show=”Map Story”]

Written by Miling, originally posted here:

It’s a small old town, once it was damned together with everyone who lived there.
Of course, it has church with another twisted religion and huge hospital with
ill doctors. Sometimes the town appears in the fog, and travellers who lost
their way suddenly find themselves inside its walls and find out how much
locals don’t like outlanders, because for them living person is the same
as undead for the living.[/spoiler]

[spoiler show=”Known Bug”]

The sound may start to glitch at one point. If that happens,
save the game, quit Painkiller then launch it again and load your save.

If you know how to fix this bug, contact me and tell what to do. When I have the time,
I’ll do it and update the level.[/spoiler]

[spoiler show=”Other maps and mods from me”]

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[spoiler show=”Thanks”]

People Can Fly

ModDB and for Pain Editor documentation

Astaroth (
for HellGun mod that includes skinned HellGun for shield texture [/spoiler]

[spoiler show=”Links”]

Map Exchange Forum:

Ghost Town development posts start from here:

Ghost Town map:[/spoiler]

Download: Ghost Town - Singleplayer Level
(Ghost Town - Singleplayer Level, 65.3 MiB, 530 hits)

For more informations read article on


Mr Lahey

4. January 2015 04:05

Nice…nice…NICELY done. That was fun. After i Installed all the pieces, it changed something in my game so it no longer lets me play other mods. So now i have to re-install PK in another folder or just reinstall this one. That creates a headache, so you might make a note of that.

Still….great mod.

    Mr Lahey

    4. January 2015 06:09

    Great article too. Just found that. Very informative, especially since I’m also trying to create mods. Also….i just had to reinstall custom loader and everything returned to normal. So again. AWESOME job


26. January 2015 13:14

New stuff for PK black is always awesome!
But what are arabian soldiers and hell bikers doing in ghost town? This level would have been much more awesome had it sticked to several types of monsters accompanying the level design and atmosphere…


17. February 2015 23:39

for some reason, when i enter the map i have 75 health, no weapons at all, and i can’t find any. why is that?


    18. February 2015 10:43

    That’s how the level is made to start with no weapons and 75 health.
    I was shocked and annoyed when I first played this map too, but play on and you’ll eventually find weapons.
    You have to dodge a few monsters until you find something to kill them with though. I thought this was a bad idea at first but at least it’s something new and I liked the idea in the end. :))
    You can also read the article at the end of the post. You may find some help there.


1. June 2015 19:01

It’s awesome! It really was challenging at the beginning without any weapons, but after that it was mega fun! Great job!

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