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It’s been a very long break since the last trailer promoting the upcoming and long awaited fragmovie Genesis by Poland TEA51|KL1K, finally it’s here. The Genesis’ frags had been recorded from spectator-view in 2010. It includes frags of 20 european players. Watch in HD.

Two Steps from Hell – Spirit of Champions
Two Steps from Hell – King of a Legion
AudioMachine – Lachrimae
Gerard Marino – Call to Arms
Two Steps from Hell – Flameheart
Posthaste – City of the Fallen

Download: Genesis Fragmovie
(Genesis Fragmovie, 1.2 GiB, 207 hits)

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10. March 2011 21:33

One word: finally :]


11. March 2011 08:43

Nicely done! 😀


13. March 2011 16:22

WOW !! Bravo, I am hoping that I may be at this status of being able to make Painkiller movies like this. That was so cool.


15. March 2011 02:31

Interesting.Hey, I have an idea, how about someone makes a PK movie by using some modding and such like they did with them HL 2 games ? I saw something like that once. Im sure there are some mods that you can use that for, hmm ?


    15. March 2011 19:23

    Nice idea, but I think no chance. Show some HL 2 games movies such like they did.


11. April 2011 17:51

There is also a bunch of stuff at the forums pages (top left corner of this page) with some interesting topics for troubleshooting and also some downloads. You should at least visit and browse. nBTW, I agree with you on all the awsome downloads here 🙂


    12. April 2011 12:47

    lol, it’s ok, your english is fine. This is not MY site however, it belongs to sK1p. sK1p and HV run the site, and they are very good people, and very helpful. There are also many others who will lend a helping hand when needed. I try to help others as often as I can also. This is a community site, so feel free to offer any advice or help to anyone who may need it, which is also a nice thing about this site. nAre you by any chance a modder, mapper, or modeler? I / we are always looking for new mods. I am not good at any of these yet, but one day I will. I am just now getting into making pk videos, and having fun doing it. Do you by chance have a YouTube site?nOk, welcome to PK Zone, enjoy. 🙂

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27. May 2011 10:58

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