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Something new from gamescom 2012 again, after some screenshtos and artworks.
Gamespot had the chance to take a look at the game, together with Rainhard Pollice from Nordic Games GmbH.
You can see the first level, which is already available to play in the beta, but also he is showing the opera level with all the known guns. The release is planned for 31.October 2012.

Also a teaser trailer got published



18. August 2012 23:48

8:06 level list 😀
chapt1 cemetary, cathedral, atrium complex, enclave
chapt2 opera, trainstation, alastor
chatp3 orientalcastle, orphanage, swap
chapt4 looneypark, colloseum, shadowland
bonus lab, factory, cityonwater


    19. August 2012 16:30

    Right !!
    mmh, only 2 levels (and one boss) by chapter, it’s a little light.
    I hope that in the final version that will be available more levels !


      21. September 2012 23:32

      Do you know for sure if this is the final level list? It would be really great if more levels per chapter were available. I’m really looking forward to play the new PK. I hope it would be as awesome as possible as the original. 🙂

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