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More recently, Catholics have chosen a new pope. Why not “celebrate” this event in Painkiller: Hell & Damnation? The game has just been updated with a new, free DLC called Conclave, in which we are able to choose its own, diabolical pope.

The Farm 51 again reaches for the light for the time of the controversy as anti-free Christmas DLC, where we could feed the reindeer, bearded fat man in a red robe. Rather limit ourselves here to the altar and to choose one of two candidates for the head of the church. After the selection, starts with a small party consisting of mutual eruption in the trunk. After killing about 140 monsters (probably the Cardinals), we get a new achievement on Steam.

Yes, I am all for an open church which decides democratically, hence…

… I would like to present you with an opportunity to raise your voice in this papal election 2013.

In my newest free DLC, you can “ill”ect your favourite candidate “con cleaver”, and put him in charge, or again, maybe not…
Prepare for clerical carnage, papal pulverization, and sanctimonious savagery.

Some of you might say “But Daniel, you will go to Hell for this” to which I can only say: Been there, done that.

I hope you all like this re-interpretation of the Cathedral Map, which you can get by simply updating via Steam.




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