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Painkiller: The Unreleased Content

Hey guys,

I was going through the PK fan sites recently and I found out that there is actually a lot of content that PCF didn't release, namely:

1. Two levels: C6L7_IceWallow and C6L8_Galleon
2. The alpha version of the main character, who was going to be named Oscar Herrera - model and texture
3. The early version of the Zombie warlord, which looks like one of the early sketches of Sammael
4. Three Tarot cards with which you can summon monsters as allies
5. A very-very early version of the shotgun-freezer, which looks like the Skull Commander's shotgun
6. An alpha version of the MinigunRL - it's just slightly different from what's in the game, but it's a thing
7. Lucifer's texture, if he had one. There are early renders in which he seems to have a tex
8. The Slave monster - model, texture and everything associated with it
9. Alpha model and texture of the Swamp thing - early renders show it has internal organs and a skeleton
10. Any other monsters, early builds of the game, concept art or any kind of content we don't know about.

I'd especially like to see the levels. I'm going to write to the original developers in the hopes that they can help. I encourage anyone who is willing to write to the devs as well. It would be great if more people write to the devs so that they finally release all of Painkiller. :D

All the best,

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Re: Painkiller: The Unreleased Content

Can an admin please make a post about this on the main page? Unfortunately, I'm still not able to send private messages, that is why I'm writing here. :(
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Re: Painkiller: The Unreleased Content

You listed all secret contents that PCF didn't upload :ugeek: . So, you got even screeshots about this content or something similar with you ?? :P
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