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Painkiller Hit Blur Fix

Here is a little guide to disable the blur effect when you got hit by enemies. It's simple with a little mod to the scripts files of the game.

Pratically the blur effect stop if a particular value will be timeout (after got hit), but if you change this value to timeout when started, it will never start. The modify is simple, just <= insted of >= in the TPlayerHit.CProcess.

First of all you need to extract LScripts.pak file and you can find the file above in the subfolder "Templates/Processes/".

The modification is:

function TPlayerHit:Tick(delta)
    if self._Time >= self._TimeOut then return end


function TPlayerHit:Tick(delta)
    if self._Time <= self._TimeOut then return end

For who don't want/know how to extract the files, here you can download the modded file: click here.

Just put the LScripts folder in the Data folder, enjoy!

If you mod the same files of the game like above, you can use it for other Painkiller games too (don't use that one, but mod them yourself).
Painkiller Hit Blur
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Re: Painkiller Hit Blur Fix

You seem to have accidentally uploaded the file twice (see your links).

Because the majority of users see extraction as complicated, can you create a version of your mod for the rest of the Pain Engine Painkiller games (Overdose-Recurring Evil)? I would highly appreciate, I have currently no reason to modify the game files otherwise. :P

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