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The first moving scenes of Painkiller: Hell & Damantion are here. Totalbiscuit had the chance to have an exclusive look on a laptop in the backpack of a developer at E3 2012. Totalbiscuit and Reinhard Pollice, developer at Nordic Games, took an exclusive look at PK: HD, while discussing features of the upcoming shooter.

The video shows single player gameplay action. Reinhard Pollice is saying that the wont be just a complete remake, but will also have complete new stuff like a new weapon called “Soul Catcher”. The story gonna catch up after the first Painkiller ended. They also talked about the multiplayer and the competitive part of it.
The release date is planned for October 2012.

  • HV

    Nice to watch, I hope we’ll see soon any gameplay in better quality ^^

  • XD


  • GotoRicK


  • epic

  • Snark

    Awesome!P.S. Please, add the ability to play in the cooperative.

  • i can’t wait for a game

  • Hbtimed

    Just finished Recurring Evil , and now I see this …I Love You Guy’s

    • Xnoob

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      • Hbtimed

        Not If you saw her …

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  • Cocom6

    fuck, this is the sme game , nothing new,
    thought this might be painkiler 2 with new engine
    and levels, monsters etc, but this is the same
    shit with same OLD unreal 3 engine-FUCK

    • :p

      GET OUT of here

      • Xnoob

        lol,is same game,but throw your money

        • Xmcvxwxc

           Acualy is Dolan

  • Cocom6

    why not finally new levels, new monsters, new weapons, new story, new engine, new graphics, they’ve been massacring this great game almost the one decade

    • Cocom6suckmother

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      • Cocom6

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      • Cocom6

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    • HV

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  • Peppins

     amazing, i will buy it!!! Also hope for retail and steam version, will buy both!

  • Peppins

    also hope for perfect demorecording and for a coop like serious sam!!!

  • Peppins

     of course aslo hope for a powerful level editor that allow possibility to make a full map!

  • Rastokeros

    my dream is realy

  • killua-chan

    the moste importand part is how they port the pk movment to ut3 engine

    • DDR = EuEr}{@Ss

      killua you are right we often had disscusion about that but lets surprise heheh

  • Evgeniy20

    It will be a fail if they don’t add some innovations.
    It will be an old Painkiller with a new style only 🙁




Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.