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Update: Cup finished.

[spoiler show=”Final Standings:” hide=”Final Standings:”]
1st Poland L[]R|)B@|_3T
2nd Russia irReleVanT
3rd Russia Alexukr
4th Russia 3Dimon3


We present you the Fanatics Painkiller Duel Cup Series. Every last saturday of the month! Anyone can join to play, players with different skill are welcome.
We would like to invite the players which unfortunately have not been seen in the previous cup: Vaxorr, Yans, Asmo, Cue, Sevenflow, AndySYS, Killua-chan, HV, Masp, WTO, HEGE, Mtheus, Crash, Supermedic and others….
Will be Fun and Spectating – join or watch 😉

Sign Up here
Cup page

Alex and 3DiMoN3 will stream and cast the best matches! >>>Stream<<<

Date/Time: Saturday June 29th 2013 – 14 PM CET
Painkiller Client Game: PK Lite
Client/Server: PK++ 1.2
Game Mode: Duel
Servers: PG Duel, PlayGround, killua-chan and other free duel server
Type: Best of 3, Double Elimination
Mappick: pick, pick, drop, drop. The upper player of the bracket picks first. The last remaining map will be the 3rd map(if needed).
Server Settings: Proplus and Rocketfix Enabled, Weapon Respawn Time 15
Time limit: 10
Overtime: 2 min


All signed up players with fake names as “Unnamed”, “Bezimienny”, “Superbezimienny”, “Megaunnamed” and all its derivatives will be removed from cup.
All old and pro players must use only original names or will be removed from cup.

The loser bracket games should be played simultaneously to the winners bracket, so the cup won’t be delayed too much.
The servers have to have a password, the password published on IRC when the cup starts.
When both players join to a server, they have to make sure that the streamer is spectating, if they don’t see anyone, do restartmap.
All matches should be played on an even server for both players.

Check-ins will begin 1 hour before the start of the tournament. I will do a roll call in IRC 30 minutes before the start. Brackets will then be made and posted in IRC. If you checked-in and aren’t there for the roll call, then you will be removed from the brackets( unless otherwise noted/pardoned from this roll call ).

Be sure to check out the rules! Join #painkiller on Quakenet IRC network, if you don’t have an IRC client, you can use the web client here

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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