Eggtooth May - 1 - 2011 News19 COMMENTS

As you know, our team made Painkiller: Redemption! But today we need help in our new project.

– Moddeler
– Programmist
– Map scripter

Post your ideas, and your application in the comments

  • cocolapin

    new project = fps ? udk ? I wish you the best šŸ™‚

  • Peppins

    I want an 100% functionally COOP mode, like serious sam 2!!! n

  • P&CGames

    I am an expert to make Painkiller games but other engines,I don’t know anything… sorry…

    • Eggtooth

      P&CGames- It’s still on old engine but will be for free. Can you tell me about your skills?n@98ad4ff7d36ad6caa2aed83595870de5:disqusn – Please don’t worry. We did not forget about that.nn

      • P&CGames

        – Programming levels – Creating Lua and CLevel Filesn- Programming the folder ”LScripts”- Creating some texture and hud- Creating some new tricks in the consolenAnd other things… nnP.s. I’m not a modeller

        • Eggtooth

          Please give me your skype.n

        • P&CGames

          Sorry…I haven’t skype

      • Draygera

        I have Skype and I would be really interested in asking you for help with a project.

        wth_mayhem is my Skype name

  • Csizi8

    new painkiller Project?

  • Madram33

    Here’s an idea for a level and a new monster..The level is a collapsed mine with some ghosts inside and a monster minerĀ with 2 pick ax weapons that when thrown, they come back. At close range you will be sliced and lose 10% of your health. When theĀ monster minerĀ guy is low on health, he uses the pick ax to shield himself and the pick ax grows into swords. At long range, the swords shield the monster miner and shoots a glowing energy that makes you loose 30% of your health, What do you think?

  • Draygera

    I’m currently looking for help with making a Linux native port of Painkiller. Anyone up for the challenge?

    • HV

      I can’t help, but that’s a cool idea.

      • Draygera

        No problem. Would Eggtooth, Homegrown and/or Mindware be interested in helping?

  • Nik Velinov

    I would be happy to help out with any modelling/sculpting.

  • Eggtooth

    @Nik Velinov – contact me on e-mail: zoolman1987@googlemail:disqus.comskype: eggtooth2xfire: bangg22steam: Eggtooth

  • Eggtooth

    @Nik Velinov – contact me on e-mail: skype: eggtooth2 xfire: bangg22 steam: Eggtooth

  • Edo

    I have lots of experience with modelling in 3ds max, making textures in ps, zbrush. IĀ“ve learned many things about game models in particular thru Matthew Omernick book.
    I could do some props.

  • Artas1984

    Eggtooth needs you, but noone needs Eggtoth XD


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.