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New single player map created by GreenTechB, another Necrovision multiplayer map conversion. A dark place, under the surface, where lots of german soldiers died, waiting for you to explore. Be careful with the evil necromancers, free the souls of the cursed demons, and find the German’s hidden treasures.

Attention! DON’T SAVE THE GAME IN THE MAP! The game will crash with a script error, you have to be careful and survive the whole level in one piece. Good luck and have fun

Thanks for HV for grabbing this map from Necrovision. Musics are my own remixes, you can’t find them anywhere else.

Thank you for downloading

[spoiler show=”How to install”]
To intall copy the pkm file and the Music folder into your Painkiller/Data directory.

To play, launch PK with Powermad. When you’re ingame, bring up the console, and type:
pmloadlevel sp_damned_shelter
The map also works with the Custom Level Loader. If you can’t find it, when you choose level, it can be at the end of the list because it’s in a pkm file.[/spoiler]

Download: Damned Shelter
(Damned Shelter, 118.5 MiB, 346 hits)

Download: Damned Shelter Update
(Damned Shelter Update, 2.3 KiB, 146 hits)



15. September 2011 12:33

good mapa :))


6. October 2011 14:35

This looks like a lot of fun 🙂


22. October 2011 07:44

Cool map, nice challenge.

Mr Lahey

4. April 2012 05:10

nice job on this… stuff. thanx

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