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The player has to fight for his soul in an old, factory like complex, survive the waves of the demonic creatures of hell. This level is a difficult one, it supposed to be the part of the Fallen Empire Map Pack which was released some time ago.

This is an old conversion level of mine, i started working on it about 3 years ago. It is a conversion of the DM_Lockout map made by Maxim, now it is available in Single Player game mode. It supposed to be the first level of the Fallen Empire Mappack, but i didn’t release it, because i thought it needs more working. But now i see, i have other ideas to make, and this one won’t receive any updates, so with some little corrections, i made this release. I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

You can launch it with Powermad or with the Custom Level Loader. Other installation instructions are included in the readme file in the zip archive.

Download: SP Combatzone
(SP Combatzone, 29.5 MiB, 689 hits)



19. January 2013 18:36

Good map, good gameplay! nice work, Greentechb!


20. January 2013 14:55

Good job, mate! I remember this map since I tested it in 2010 you remember, and last night I only replayed it because of the Ambient music you added this time to see how it works with the atmosphere (well, it works perfectly)..since the level itself seems to be the same (but surely not fully because I couldn’t load my latest 2.5 years old savegame). But after 2.5 years I forgot a lot about it so I found it really hard (mostly because missing ammo problems) for the first time even on Nightmare. Then I replayed it on Trauma and then on Nightmare again and it’s an intense level with hard fights where the player must spare ammo (this is important) for the upcoming situations… So then it was really really enjoyable, well done!


20. January 2013 15:57

thank you both 😀


20. January 2013 19:00

i’m gonna play it, seems nice


20. January 2013 23:16

omg GreenTechB , it’s near 3 years ;o


    22. January 2013 16:46

    yeah but for most players it is fresh stuff, isn’t it? 😀


24. January 2013 15:36

engine crashes after the part i enter a round room and kill everyone. tried it 3 times, crash at the same point.


    24. January 2013 17:34

    i encountered this bug once, i reinstalled the game and it worked then. i have no idea about the reason, i checked all scripts, and there was no mistake in them. hope you will be able to play it, sometimes the pain engine is a bit unstable or something, i started map editing many years ago and i haven’t find out the reason or the solution :/


      24. January 2013 19:39

      What the bug? Screenshot plase, Write the text error, if it appears.

mr lahey

10. March 2013 08:32

this rules dude…..keep it up. YOU need to put together a team to create the new generation of PK. Please….i beg of you. Please.

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