sK1p February - 13 - 2010 2 Comments3,287 views

A few months ago was the Black / Night / Marathon III, the winner was KL1K. We are pleased to present the movie, which will be back in time to the third edition of this event. This is just made that the author of Black / Night / Movie Marathon III is the winner of the third edition of KL1K. More information on

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sK1p October - 11 - 2009 Add Comments1,808 views
Movies - pkeuro invite tourney movie

The Grand Final of the PKEuro 1on1 Turney between VoO and deatz on DM_Sacred.

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sK1p October - 11 - 2009 Add Comments2,297 views
CPL Winter

The match of the CPL Winter 2004 between VoO and Fatal1ty on DM_Sacred.

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sK1p September - 11 - 2009 2 Comments2,325 views

A short fragmovie with frags from the recorded demos by HV.

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sK1p August - 14 - 2009 2 Comments2,253 views

A Painkiller Fragmovie by HV. Featuring Players like AndySYS, sK1p, YANS, medic, MPK|Darius, HeGe, MPK|ZWIASTUN, k1||u@-ch@n, wuShu, Sp1eler & many more. The frags had been recorded from spectator-view during this year, mostly from Duels.

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sK1p August - 12 - 2009 Add Comments1,759 views

An old Painkiller Fragmovie, which was made with the 1.35 Version. In this time the demoplayback was fully playable and had no bugs, like with 1.64. Painkiller Animals

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sK1p August - 11 - 2009 Add Comments1,839 views
ESL Painkiller Overdose

The final of the ESL Painkiller Overdose Opening Cup between SlashY and medic on DM_Blink and DM_Chessboard.

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.