sK1p November - 28 - 2010 28 Comments3,647 views

This movie was created by HV. He used frags, which were recorded for the Genesis fragmovie by KL1K. KL1K was a long time offline and he never seen those frags, so HV used those in this movie. He wanted to create a short video like in old times simple fragmovies by polish players. The movie was created in one day on 28th November 2010 and […]

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HV June - 27 - 2010 Add Comments2,409 views
Hunting Painkiller Fragmovie

A Painkiller Fragmovie by HV. Featuring frags from YANS. The frags had been recorded from spectator-view in 2008-2010 mostly from Duels. Watch in HD. Have fun. He started recording on 2008 while SYS was making his movie Experience. Originally it was planned as his first fragmovie, but as you see time has moved on and HV released some nice fragmovies as Prelude, Paralysis and Passion […]

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sK1p February - 27 - 2010 Add Comments1,523 views

A Painkiller Fragmovie by HV All frags we’re made in the X-Mas Painkiller Duel Cup which took place in december 2009. The movie consists of first person duel frags with conservative editing, recorded on spectator mode. Featuring players like jednooki_cyklop, Sp1eler, AndySYS, sK1p and […]

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sK1p February - 24 - 2010 Add Comments2,206 views

Artas1984 presents his first Painkiller multiplayer trickjumps video!
It consists of 2 episodes: In the first episode he show the trickjumps & moves in ordinary DM levels, basically the stuff that is useful to perform in […]

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sK1p September - 11 - 2009 2 Comments2,359 views

A short fragmovie with frags from the recorded demos by HV.

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sK1p August - 14 - 2009 2 Comments2,289 views

A Painkiller Fragmovie by HV. Featuring Players like AndySYS, sK1p, YANS, medic, MPK|Darius, HeGe, MPK|ZWIASTUN, k1||u@-ch@n, wuShu, Sp1eler & many more. The frags had been recorded from spectator-view during this year, mostly from Duels.

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sK1p August - 12 - 2009 Add Comments1,781 views

An old Painkiller Fragmovie, which was made with the 1.35 Version. In this time the demoplayback was fully playable and had no bugs, like with 1.64. Painkiller Animals

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.