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The importance of ammo is often overshadowed by the other items in the game. Perhaps rightly so. However, it certainly does have its place in the game. Ammo can be use tactfully in several ways. The 15-second respawn time can be used to time other important items such as weapons and armor. Controlling ammo can also help to reduce the effectiveness of your opponents attacks. […]

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There are three sources of Health in Painkiller, each serving slightly different purposes or situations. The first is a normal Health pickup, similar to other titles, this pickup will allow you to recover from damage you sustained during battle but will not allow you to exceed 100 health. If you are hurt badly you may need 4 of these to recover fully. The second type […]

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Painkiller features three unique power-ups, all of which will give you a substantial advantage over your opponent. While all of these Powerups last for 30 seconds in duration, the actual respawn time for each item varies. The charts in this guide will provide you with the information necessary to know when to expect powerups to appear and how to effectively use them. It is a […]

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Including BOOH, there are a total of seven different weapons in the game. Six of them boast a very respectable alternate firing mode which basically doubles the number of available weapons. (The Flamethrower being the one exception.) This variety allows for a plethora of situational fighting scenarios and makes for interesting gameplay. Every base is covered, long rage, short range, splash, predication, there is literally […]

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The game revolves around a young man named Daniel Garner, who is happily married to his wife Catherine. At the start of the game, Daniel is about to take Catherine out for a birthday meal. As they drive towards their destination at high speed, in the pouring rain, Daniel takes his eyes off the road to look at his wife and while his attention is […]

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.