sK1p October - 5 - 2010 5 Comments2,759 views

Although much time has elapsed since the publication of Redemption beta Painkiller players still do not have the opportunity to play in the stable release. I would like to reassure all the waiting that the project is still alive and I can tell the specific details of the game. JoWood will probably be the publisher of Redemption. The game will be probably released on Steam […]

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HV September - 14 - 2010 3 Comments4,892 views

This is more advanced tutorial, which will teach you how to configure Painkiller doors. You can find basics tutorials about PainEditor here. 1. How to set the doors

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sK1p September - 2 - 2010 1 Comment3,850 views
Painkiller Redemption

First day of school, and a pleasant surprise, because Painkiller: Redemption was not a situation on a new soundtrack. One team had desire but did not have recording equipment, and another perversely left us on the ice. Then I just got two pieces from a friend, but this is over. Now we are sure that the mod will have a brand new, professional music. The […]

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HV August - 16 - 2010 10 Comments8,828 views

This Tutorial was written by dany25 Installation: You need to extract the pkmdl and dds from Models.pak to Painkiller\Data\Models directory and Textures.pak to Painkiller\Data\Textures directory with Dragonunpacker. Download Blender and install it. Download Milkshape3d and install it. Download the pkmdl script and extract it directly into the scripts directory […]

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sK1p August - 6 - 2010 6 Comments4,934 views

After quite a long wait the Painkiller: Redemption beta is ready. The game has already been sent to beta test to FonoGame and JoWooD. That will depend on how the mod will be available for players. Beta tests unfortunately (at least for now) are closed. It’s the decision of JoWooD and will depends on whether beta testing will possible at a later date and will […]

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greentechb July - 30 - 2010 14 Comments6,122 views
SP StreetFighter Mod

A small map with lots of enemies. This is my third map, second for Overdose. DM_Meatless converted into Single Player. The enemies are the men of street now. Sprayers, their dogs, street ninjas and other gangsters waiting for you, to kill them. 4 secrets, and 3 holy items can be found too. They’re not so hard. Overdose patch and powermad required. If you have any […]

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HV July - 27 - 2010 21 Comments11,169 views
Daniel Garner

This tutorial will teach you how to create an amateur mod which will delete Singleplayer menu options like in multiplayer mods, what will show you: how to extract PAK files, how to edit game scripts, how to create PAK files, how to run game with your mod. The Painkiller\Data folder is the directory with the game content (PAK’s), sample files: LScripts.pak – main file to […]

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.