Painkiller-Ivan March - 19 - 2016 25 Comments18,934 views
Daniel Garner

Unofficial patch v1.65 for Painkiller and Battle Out of Hell. Author: Painkiller-Ivan. [spoiler show=”Level Fixes” hide=”Level Fixes”] C1L1_Cathedral: Fixed position of two ammo, one vase and secret relic. Author: Painkiller-Ivan. C1L2_Atrium_Complex: Fixed position of one ammo. Author: Painkiller-Ivan. C1L3_Catacombs: Fixed position of one ammo. Author: Painkiller-Ivan. C2L1_Bridge: Fixed some spawn points of monsters. Author: Sviatoslav. C2L2_Prison: Six treasures no longer disappear in the sewer and […]

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HV August - 8 - 2011 2 Comments5,759 views
Painkiller Redemption

This is the latest patch for the game Painkiller Redemption. With this update you can make sure that your game runs bug free and you can fully enjoy the fast-paced action! [spoiler show=”Patch 1.03a Changelog”] Fixed some map design flaws and glitches like slowly closing doors and points where you can “leave” the level Fixed random crash on map loading with script error or no […]

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sK1p June - 26 - 2011 7 Comments10,269 views

The Ultimate Patch contains the v1.61, v1.62 and v1.64 versions in one patch. This special patch is made by OriOn.

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sK1p August - 1 - 2010 15 Comments19,448 views
Painkiller: Resurrection

Released by Homegrown this is the latest Painkiller Resurrection Patch 44 updating your first-person shooter and addressing several bugs. The patch contains all the official changes from the autoupdater. This is dedicated to players who have a problem with the updater or they don’t want install the NET Framework.

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sK1p July - 4 - 2009 19 Comments9,033 views

Painkiller Overdose Changelog: SINGLEPLAYER * Stat counting fixed * Rebalanced idle comments Tarot Cards * Assault functionality fixed * Ascendance functionality for Animal Farm and Ragnarok fixed * Ascendance color fixed * Hellish armor color fixed Demon mode * Fixed bug allowing the use of demon gun after demon mode Weapons * Fixed bug causing counting some destroyed projectiles as destroyable items LEVEL-CHANGES ASTEROIDS * […]

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sK1p June - 19 - 2009 8 Comments19,862 views

Painkiller 1.64 Patch

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sK1p June - 19 - 2009 Add Comments12,672 views

Painkiller 1.62 Patch

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.