HV November - 5 - 2010 9 Comments8,375 views
Painkiller Grapple Hook

Dany25 made a little modification on the painkiller weapon into a grapple hook. Check this in action.

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greentechb July - 30 - 2010 1 Comment4,321 views
SP StreetFighter Mod

A small map with lots of enemies. This is my third map, second for Overdose. DM_Meatless converted into Single Player. The enemies are the men of street now. Sprayers, their dogs, street ninjas and other gangsters waiting for you, to kill them. 4 secrets, and 3 holy items can be found too. They’re not so hard. Overdose patch and powermad required. If you have any […]

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greentechb July - 23 - 2010 6 Comments4,980 views

My second map for PK-games. This one is a remake of Battle out of Hell’s bonus map, C6L0_PCFHQ. 9 secrets and lots of enemies awaits for you. Requirements PK Version: PK 1.64 + BOOH HellgunMod Read the txt for more information!

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greentechb July - 11 - 2010 11 Comments3,629 views
House of the dead

My first small map for Painkiller: Overdose. It’s the simple singleplayer conversion of  DM_Blink. Read the .txt file in the package to get more information e.g. the install! There are 8 secrets in the level, try to find them all. Thanks for HV to the pained tutorial and the script examples 🙂 I’m going to start another level.

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sK1p June - 10 - 2010 4 Comments6,418 views
Daniel Garner

The PK Szum Mod for Painkiller is now available for download. It downloads all maps into your PK’s Data-folder. There is more than 80 maps. Authors of this program: Mariusz W. & KOMODO

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sK1p February - 5 - 2010 4 Comments9,400 views

Sviatoslav made a mod for the original Painkiller. He added the Dynamic Lights from Painkiller: Resurrection I now want to present a small mod for the original game, version 1.64. If you have already played in Resurrection, you probably noticed the dynamic lighting and refraction of air, which remains of the rocket and fire, who spit monsters. Personally, I liked this effect and I decided […]

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sK1p August - 11 - 2009 Add Comments2,873 views

This Pack consists of a lot of Screenshots, early Concept pictures and Artworks, which were only available in the Black Limited Edition of Painkiller.

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.