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Black Tarot Mod is a stuff created by Poland Cecek777. Some old cards were replaced cards with modification. marked on red color card slots in board. The video below shows a level which was created to easier unlock a card.

[spoiler show=”Features”]

  • New Tarot Cards:
    • Summon Golem:
      • Health increases to 666
      • Collect souls with long distance
      • Souls disappear after very long time
      • Weak enemies
    • Summon Fighter:
      • Deliver 6x more damage(Changed 8dmg. on 6dmg.)
      • You become very speedy
      • Weapon modifier
      • Golden Cards last 50 seconds longer
      • Endurance 2x
    • Summon Warrior (New Card):
      • Hyper speed reload weapons
  • Golem Level:
    • To easier unlock this card, was created a new level


Download: Black Tarot Mod
(Black Tarot Mod, 1.8 MiB, 447 hits)

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