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Update 2: WE HAVE A WINNER! After exactly 19 hours of playtime LORDBALET wins BNM 5. Congratualtions.

Update 1: The Marathon just started. Password on IRC. Every participant has to join the IRC Channel #painkiller on quakenet (click here to join)

The servers to play on will be:
Killer Play –
Playground –

Download: BNM 5 Mappack
(BNM 5 Mappack, 629.5 MiB, 254 hits)

On 16.01.2009 was held the first Black / Night / Marathon since then it became a very popular tournament, which was proved and are of interest to further editing. How easy to guess in this way we would like to announce that it is time for the next, already the fifth Black / Night / Marathon.

We invite past participants as well as players who would like to take part the first time in this great event!
Will there be a new record?
Who will surprise us this time, his determination to fight for the status the player who plays the longest time in this marathon?
Perhaps records of our previous winners are so high that no one will dare to beat them?

Just a reminder that the winners of previous editions were:
BNM I – MPK | Dariusz – time 13 hours
BNM II – MPK | Dariusz – time 37 hours
BNM III – TEA51 | KL1K – time 48 hours 30 minutes
BNM IV – TEA51 | KL1K – time 12 hours (or so)

As in previous editions, as well in this, we keep our fingers crossed for you and invite you to set records!
Everyone who signs up for the first time for the marathon, will certainly find out that it is not worth the lost time and join us.

The rules are simple:
– FFA mode
– We start 28/12/2012 19: 37 CET (to be determined), beginning with the map DM_Marathon
– Mandatory installation of selected maps
– Playing time one map is approximately 15 minutes (to be determined, weaponstay, powerups),
– Duration of the event – fortunately unknown
– Records only personal (any attempt to save a friendship
friends will be ignored)
– Translation of the lack of electricity and other excuses will be ignored
– A person may not leave the server for the time exceeding the duration of the map
– A person can change the server to another, but only one that will include our party from its scope
– Lack of any of the maps will disqualify a player in the competition for the prize.
– Every participant has to join the IRC Channel #painkiller on quakenet (click here to join)

– Prizes? – NO
– Consolation prize – SATISFACTION

Servers (to be determined):
– Fort Europa
– Wspak
– 3Dimon3

If you want to participate in the fifth edition of this unique event, just enter in a comment to the new on the official site YOUR NICK + BLACK / NIGHT / Marathon IV + (for information: Server on which you wish to play, suggest the maps you would like to play.

for example:

Vo0 – Black/Night/MaratonV – Wspak/Fort Europa

Please suggest in the comments which maps you would like to play in the marathon.

List of maps: »

1. DM_#bS#2ergi#bo#f_Outlander
2. DM_1on1_HydeDM1
3. DM_1v1_meatless
4. DM_5quid01
6. DM_Absinthe
7. DM_Air_combat_KOMODO
8. DM_Alastor_KOMODO_water
9. DM_AMPHi_11
11. DM_Andys_Venom
12. DM_Ballistic
13. DM_Bam
14. DM_Blink
15. DM_BlinkPK
16. DM_Boss
17. DM_BOX
18. DM_Cans
19. DM_Chaos
20. DM_Chessboard
21. DM_City_On_Water
22. DM_Compressed
23. DM_Damnation
24. DM_Dicer_Hell
25. DM_FactoryKOMODO1
26. DM_Fallen_ztnb1
27. DM_Fallen2-t
28. DM_Fallen2te
29. DM_Fallen3
30. DM_Fallen-chan
31. DM_Forbidden
32. DM_Gloomy
34. DM_HellCamp
35. DM_Helloween
36. DM_Hungarian_Warrr
37. DM_Iron
38. DM_K3Angeldust
39. DM_K3Inzane
40. DM_K3Unholy
41. DM_Lockout
42. DM_Lukin
43. DM_Mandra1_beta3
44. DM_Maniek2
45. DM_Marathon
46. DM_meatless
47. DM_Mexican_Town
48. DM_NikitaPL_UrbanChaos
49. DM_Opera
50. DM_Panteras_Fury
52. DM_plungea
53. DM_Powerplant
54. DM_Psycho-chan
55. DM_Q1KMB
58. DM_RedFactory
59. DM_Riot
60. DM_Sacredstein
61. DM_Signum
62. DM_SkyTemple
63. DM_Thebalist
64. DM_Trains
65. DM_Umbra
66. DM_Vengeance
67. DM_Warfare
68. DM_Wolfenstein


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.