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Update: We have a winner. After exactly 9 hours of playtime Russia3DiMoN3 came victorious. Congratulations.

This is maybe coming a bit late, but whatever. We have decided to organize the next Black Night Marathon #7 this year.

Start date: 26th December 2016, 17:00 CET
We’ve created a new BNM7 Mappack. Download here.
To register for the BNM7 just place a comment under this post. HF
For a better coordination of server and people everyone who is participating should join the #painkiller channel on Quakenet. (Click here to join via webchat)

The servers we are going to play on are:
Germany PKzone BNM 1         
Germany PKzone BNM 2         

The PASSWORD for the servers can be found on Quakenet IRC Network.

If you have problems to find the servers in the ingame server browser, see here. The easiest way is to execute the .bat file as administrator.
The new Pkzone servers will stay online after this event for some time.

Previous Winners:
BNM I – Poland MPK | Dariusz – time 13 hours
BNM II – Poland MPK | Dariusz – time 37 hours
BNM III – Poland TEA51 | KL1K – time 48 hours 30 minutes
BNM IV – Poland TEA51 | KL1K – time 12 hours (or so)
BNM V – Poland LORD|BALET – time 19 hours
BNM VI – Poland LORD|BALET – time 10 hours

Stream: youtube3DiMoN3

Multiplayer Map DM_Flashback

We also bring you a brand new map created by Russia Lexar and Russia 3DiMoN3. It’s meant to be played in ffa and duel. As a special gimmick, it has almost all painkiller player names of the last years immortalised on the walls.
You can download it here on marathonday.

Download: DM_Flashback
(DM_Flashback, 39.3 MiB, 1,160 hits)



22. December 2016 23:23

I think I’ll be there.


22. December 2016 23:31

I think I’ll be there.

Giuseppe Catania

23. December 2016 01:41

I think I’ll be there. 😀
– K1LL3RBi0S


23. December 2016 10:00

I think i’ll be there.


23. December 2016 11:51

I think I’ll be there.


25. December 2016 01:33

I won’t be there because I just reloaded PK for the first time in 25 years. What’s the current version being used?

    Dmitri Dmitriev

    25. December 2016 11:08

    go to the downloads/mods/pklite/painkiller community edition – so download this version its have built in pk++ , and dont forget install batfile to see serverlist , it is on that post too . Version of PK is same like was 1.64


25. December 2016 07:37

I think l’ll be there 😀


27. December 2016 16:55

3DiMoN3, congrats on your victory!

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