sK1p January - 9 - 2011 12 Comments3,407 views
Painkiller Redemption

Previous year we have presented at least two dates for the release of that game, which as we know, were not reliable. Unfortunately, cooperation with JoWooD often have the same resonance in other titles issued by the Austrians. We have further appointments, but because of the lack of certainty whether they will be finished, but rather refrain from revealing them, and for previous unrealized release […]

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sK1p December - 30 - 2010 3 Comments3,479 views

SlavOK presents a Painkiller movie: “Demostory”. He wanted to show nice frags, but also something funny. All scenes are from the recorded demos by SlavOK with weapons. Have fun!

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sK1p November - 28 - 2010 28 Comments3,766 views

This movie was created by HV. He used frags, which were recorded for the Genesis fragmovie by KL1K. KL1K was a long time offline and he never seen those frags, so HV used those in this movie. He wanted to create a short video like in old times simple fragmovies by polish players. The movie was created in one day on 28th November 2010 and […]

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sK1p November - 22 - 2010 9 Comments5,554 views

This is the Coop map which is only available for all steam users. How to start Tower of Power as Coop map: Start Painkiller Resurrection. Create the new multiplayer game. Select FFA gamemode. Set the timelimit and add the DM_Coop_Tower_of_Power map to an empty map list. Start and enjoy! How to start Tower of Power as singleplayer map: Start ResurrectionEditor (the Painkiller Resurrection\Bin folder). Click […]

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sK1p November - 9 - 2010 2 Comments3,700 views
Movement Guide

This is a Painkiller Movement Guide on how to do 180° turns without loosing speed and other jumps. The movie includes sK1p’s movement. Have Fun. Links: Youtube Dailymotion

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sK1p November - 2 - 2010 97 Comments30,866 views

Update: Sviatoslav released the first patch for his mod Painkiller Supernatural. Download below. Changelog: level Cataclysm – made some minor changes level Black Tower – added meteorites rain level Asteroids – changed gameplay, another monsters, added secret level Riot – some monsters are partially replaced by others level Forbidden Valley – fixed bug due to the level of which can’t be completed correctly slightly changed […]

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sK1p October - 25 - 2010 4 Comments11,244 views
Painkiller: Resurrection

The Mega Fix Mod 2.0 by Eggtooth for Painkiller: Resurrection is now available for download. This is the unofficial patch for this game. One of the changes introduced in the latest version is to reduce the level of difficulty, while more demanding of players I want to warn you that Eggtooth announced a small fix called High Voltage Pack, which will be dedicated to ambitious […]

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.