sK1p October - 5 - 2010 5 Comments3,293 views

Although much time has elapsed since the publication of Redemption beta Painkiller players still do not have the opportunity to play in the stable release. I would like to reassure all the waiting that the project is still alive and I can tell the specific details of the game. JoWood will probably be the publisher of Redemption. The game will be probably released on Steam […]

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sK1p September - 2 - 2010 1 Comment4,444 views
Painkiller Redemption

First day of school, and a pleasant surprise, because Painkiller: Redemption was not a situation on a new soundtrack. One team had desire but did not have recording equipment, and another perversely left us on the ice. Then I just got two pieces from a friend, but this is over. Now we are sure that the mod will have a brand new, professional music. The […]

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sK1p August - 6 - 2010 6 Comments5,468 views

After quite a long wait the Painkiller: Redemption beta is ready. The game has already been sent to beta test to FonoGame and JoWooD. That will depend on how the mod will be available for players. Beta tests unfortunately (at least for now) are closed. It’s the decision of JoWooD and will depends on whether beta testing will possible at a later date and will […]

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sK1p August - 1 - 2010 15 Comments19,281 views
Painkiller: Resurrection

Released by Homegrown this is the latest Painkiller Resurrection Patch 44 updating your first-person shooter and addressing several bugs. The patch contains all the official changes from the autoupdater. This is dedicated to players who have a problem with the updater or they don’t want install the NET Framework.

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sK1p July - 28 - 2010 15 Comments31,793 views
Daniel Garner

Painkiller Lite is a reduced edition of the original Painkiller. It does only include the multiplayer side of the game. You don’t need the full game anymore. This is a Lite version of the game with only MULTIPLAYER part. This version is based on the Painkiller MP 1.35 demo but contains the last game patch (1.64) . Custom maps are not included. In order to […]

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sK1p June - 27 - 2010 3 Comments2,785 views
Hunting Painkiller Fragmovie

A Painkiller Fragmovie by HV. Featuring frags from YANS. The frags had been recorded from spectator-view in 2008-2010 mostly from Duels. Watch in HD. Have fun. He started recording on 2008 while SYS was making his movie Experience. Originally it was planned as his first fragmovie, but as you see time has moved on and HV released some nice fragmovies as Prelude, Paralysis and Passion […]

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sK1p June - 25 - 2010 Add Comments2,919 views

In the PAIN Engine you can have huge, complex levels that still render very fast. This is because you can tell the engine to render only that which can actually be seen on screen and not the geometry behind the wall or behind a corner. To do that you have to create a set of Zones, Portals and Antiportals in your Maya level geometry. Think […]

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.