crono August - 26 - 2012 9 Comments4,194 views

After 7 hours of straight PK action we have a winner. sk1p beat cue-ek in the final with 2-0 in map score with quite an intense last map. The VOD is available here. [spoiler show=”Final scores:” hide=”Final scores:”] DM_1v1_Meatless: 16-7 DM_Sacred: 14-11 [/spoiler] Final Standings: 1st sk1p 2nd cue-ek 3rd/4th asmo 3rd/4th kaszanka 5-8th 3DiMoN3 5-8th WTO 5-8th SlavOK 5-8th MasPingon 9-16th Lunat1c 9-16th revenge […]

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crono August - 3 - 2012 10 Comments8,064 views

Good news for all of you die hard fan of Painkiller that are waiting with impatience to try the new upcoming game. Because today, Nordic Games announced they will release a closed beta of Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, don’t miss your chance to be part of the few ones who will be selected to test the game, Nordic Games is curently making a promotion on their […]

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.